Bird-X BBA-2-R Bed Bug Alert Monitor (2-Pack)


Bird-X BBA-2-R Bed Bug Alert Monitor (2-Pack)

Protect the Health of Your Family - Fight and Prevent Bed-Bug Infestation
  • Proprietary attractant gel actively lures and traps bedbugs
  • Slips under a mattress or into other tight spaces where bedbugs are suspected
  • Patented housing is tamper-proof
  • Clear viewing window makes inspection simple - check daily, reinsert and reuse
  • Sturdy plastic construction prevents the monitor from being crushed while in use
  • Attracts both adult bedbugs and 2nd instar nymphs



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  • Bed bugs have crawled their way into every major city and are taking big bites out of the bottom line. Bed bugs can appear anywhere - they are found in homes, apartments, dorm rooms, hotel rooms, airplanes, public transit seats, cars and moving vans - pretty much anywhere they can find a human host. Bed bugs attach themselves to clothing and other belongings and are (unknowingly) transported to new locations. Bed bugs are known to carry at least 27 agents of human disease, including the drug-resistant bacteria (or 'superbugs') MRSA and VRE, and even Hepatitis and HIV (according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Journal). Scientists are still working to determine the threat of transmission.

    Detect bed bugs before they bite - and sleep tight! Let the Bird-X BBA-2-R Bed Bug Alert Monitor be your first choice as a defense against these blood sucking insects. The Bed Bug Alert Monitor is a compact unit that fits almost anywhere, at nearly half the size of a credit card. It attracts and captures bedbugs, preventing them from infesting your space and biting you and your loved ones. The clear, rugged design allows you to set up a monitoring program so you can check daily for captured bugs, and reuse the monitor over and over again.

    The Monitors are recommended for use anywhere bed bugs are suspected, including:
    • Homeowners - check daily
    • Families - keep an eye on hospitals or long-term care facilities for loved ones
    • Travelers - test hotel and motel beds upon arrival; keep a monitor in luggage
    • Hospitality industry - monitor all rooms discreetly
    • Business - detect problems before your customers do
    • Students - screen dorm rooms

    • The Real Cost of Bed Bugs
    • Visual or dog inspection can cost hundreds
    • Treatments/fumigation can cost thousands
    • Replacing property such as furniture, linens, mattresses, carpets, curtains, etc.
    • Medical expenses of those suffering from bed bug bites
    • Legal fees from lawsuits filed by customers, guests, or employees
    • Loss of reputation regarding the quality and sanitation of the establishment
    • Being added to the online bed bug registry for all the world to see

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Bird-X
    Manufacturer Product No. BBA-2-R
    UPC 706069133122
    Unit Dimensions 2 3/4" x 1 3/4°" x 3/8" (approximately the size of a credit card)
    Effective Against Adult bedbugs and 2nd instar nymphs

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    Review of 61800 Review by DONALD
    Review of 61800

    Order was received quickly. two monitors placed as directed. No bugs captured to date. No new bites, so there may be none.

    Posted on 9/4/2012

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