BioBubble 15005803 Aquarium Bundle, Green


BioBubble 15005803 Aquarium Bundle, Green

Dome Aquarium Provides Entertainment for the Whole Family Including Other Pets
  • Compatible with freshwater or saltwater animals
  • Quiet operating internal filtration system
  • 3 gallon water capacity and 16 inch dome diameter
  • Silicone super grip feet pads prevent BioBubble from sliding on smooth surface
  • 5 star approval from the American Pet Association



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  • The Aquarium Bundle from BioBubble is a unique and easy to setup aquarium kit for fish, frogs, turtles and many other freshwater or saltwater animals. The 3 gallon BioBubble Aquarium offers a 360° interior view and with super grip feet pads it can be placed safely on a counter, table or desktop without the fear of it being easily knocked over. Its 16 inch diameter dome and secure gripping feet also allow the BioBubble to be left out to provide non-stop daily entertainment for your other pets, such as a cat or small dog. The dome aquarium can be kept on a desktop or in a bedroom without causing an audible distraction thanks to its quiet running internal filtration system. However, you may find yourself getting distracted from time to time just to watch your aquatic pets swim around which may even be a good thing on those days you find yourself a little stressed out. Its powerful filter also provides adjustable filtration to help ensure a clean and healthy environment for your aquatic friend. The BioBubble has a revolutionary design which helps to make up-keep of it quick and simple. It features an expandable sleeve that rises up to hold the fresh or saltwater in place allowing for the dome to be removed, cleaned and clasped back on. A ventilated cap at the top of the dome allows fresh air into the BioBubble Aquarium and it can also be removed to easily add food. The BioBubble is 5 star approved by the American Pet Association (APA).

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  • Specifications
    Manufacturer BioBubble Pets, LLC
    Manufacturer Product No. 15005803
    UPC 819189010058
    Dimensions L 19in x W 19in x H 13in
    Weight 18 lbs
    Dome 16in diameter
    Water Capacity 3 gallons
    Color Green
    Construction Clear acrylic
    Saltwater Compatible Yes
    Freshwater Compatible Yes
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    • 1x - Aquatic base, green
    • 1x - Dome
    • 1x - Dome gasket
    • 1x - Cap
    • 1x - Filtration system
    • 2x - Media filter
    • 1x - Air pump
    • 1x - Hose valve
    • 1x - LED light cap

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