Bi-Directional Driveway Probe System

Bi-Directional Driveway Probe System

Always Find Out When a Vehicle is Approaching — or Leaving!
  • Distinguishes between cars that are approaching or leaving, so you'll have the flexibility to program different responses to each action
  • Automatically sound a chime, open a garage door or gate, or control the house lights when a car approaches
  • Works with X10 systems with low-voltage inputs; just add an optional Powerflash module



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  • Stop being caught by surprise! Find out when a car approaches your house with the ONLY driveway sensor system that distinguishes between cars traveling towards your house, or away from it. It can even perform different functions based on that directional information. For instance, if you want to hear a warning chime when a car approaches your home, but not when one of your family members leaves the house, this is the driveway probe system for you!

    But that's not even the half of it! Just look at some of the other things this system does:
    • Automatically open a free-access gate as a vehicle approaches, closing it once the car passes through.
    • Automatically open a garage door when you come home, or close it when you leave - without a remote control!
    • Turn the porch light on when you pull into the driveway, but not when you leave.
    • Make your house look occupied when a car approaches, even if you're out of town.
    • Have a long driveway? Automatically turn on the outdoor floodlights to illuminate your way as you drive, and have it automatically turn off again once you reach the end.

      The probes can detect moving vehicles as far away as 14 feet on either side, even vehicles moving as slow as 0.5 mph. Sensitivity is fully adjustable. The system only senses moving ferrous metal, so you won't have any false alarms due to pets, humans, or stationary vehicles. Powered by a 16.5VAC transformer with a 12VDC gel-cell battery that keeps the system operating during power failures for up to 48 hours.

      The system includes a weatherproof controller, a pair of directional driveway probes, burial cable splicing kit, power supply, back-up battery and a wall-mountable chime module (with on/off switch). Requires 22-gauge, 4-conductor cable with a shield for connecting the probes to the controller (cable sold separately).

      Two outputs are provided (configurable as normally open or normally closed, with selectable 12VDC or "dry-contact" output signals). When a vehicle arrives to your home, it triggers the Channel 2 relay, which can trigger one or more lights around your property to turn on (when connected to an X10 Powerflash module, #4060, sold separately). When a vehicle leaves your home, it triggers the Channel 1 relay, which can put your home automation system into the "away" mode where it sets back the HVAC system and makes the home look occupied by randomly turning lights on at the house.

      Built-in lightning surge suppression protects the processor from lightning surges.

  • Specifications

    Power Input: 12-13.5 VDC
    Channel Ouput(s): N.C. and N.O. (form C) relay contact
    Relay Duration: Approx. 4-5 second momentary
    Relay Rating: 1 AMp at 24 volt AC/DC
    Current Consumption: Standby: 60 mA
    Ch1 or Ch2 Alarm: 45 mA
    Ch1 and Ch2 Alarm

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    Review of 790908 Review by Rick
    Review of 790908

    I bought an installed the unit four years ago. It has worked flawlessly. The family including the dogs have learned to rely on the chimes. My only issues with the unit are minor, 1 spring thunderstorms cause the chimes to go off sporatically; 2 the manual could be better. I blew out two Insteon I/O Linc when I hooked them up wrong.

    Posted on 11/17/2009

    Review of 790908 Review by DELMAR
    Review of 790908

    Haven't installed yet because of snow. Construction looks excellent

    Posted on 1/30/2008

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    • Bi-Directional Driveway Probe System - P8000C
    • 212 Processor
    • P8000 Probe
    • 12 VDC Power Supply
    • 16.5 VAC Plug-In Transformer
    • 12 VB1, N3BOX, CHIMEPLT

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