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Bedrock Learning BL-oc-THEAT Home Theater Design and Installation Online Training Course

Do-It-Yourself Home Theater Setup Courses Makes You a Certified Expert
  • Course takes 8 hours to complete
  • Delivers a solid foundation in home theater design and installation
  • Perfect for anyone wanting to further basic knowledge of A/V installations
  • Course Completion Certificate proves your knowledge and expertise
  • 4 CEDIA CEUs, 0.8 ESA CEUs, 80 ETA Contact Hours, and 8 infoComm International RUs



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  • If you crave the latest and greatest gear and are constantly thinking about your next home upgrade and can't resist tinkering, then home theater is in your blood. You've probably felt an irresistible urge to monopolize the remote, ready to tweak the sound or picture at any moment, only to be chastised and reprimanded once the credits begin to roll. This causes panic and glaringly bright images, lopsided sound, flabby bass-things that make you cringe. So step it up and dive into what makes a home theater system tick, or just get some training so you can roll up your sleeves and finally tackle that project you've been kicking around forever with Bedrock Learning's BL-oc-THEAT Home Theater Design and Installation Online Training Course.

    This course delivers an interactive and thorough foundation in many aspects of home theater projects with detailed step-by-step design and installation procedures, and video and audio calibrations for maximum performance. The online course is perfect for beginners, amateur, or expert designers and installers who want to learn or brush up on essential concepts such analog versus digital signals, aspect ratios, video formats, video reproduction, audio reproduction, power conditioning, source components, processing equipment, displays, and speakers. The course isn't boring either as informative texts, detailed color diagrams, and engaging case studies related to home theater make learning truly efficient and enjoyable. This course is divided into 12 sections with each section ending with a quiz, and a comprehensive test at the very end to demonstrate and test your knowledge. This 8 hour long course is designed to be taken at whatever pace you find comfortable, and upon completion you are awarded a Course Completion Certificate and earn up to 4 CEDIA CEUs (Continuing Education Units), 0.8 ESA CEUs, 80 ETA Contact Hours, and 8 infoComm International RUs.

    Students should be familiar with the video display system (TV and input components such as DVD player) and have basic knowledge of audio (see the Multo-Room Audio Online Course for more information).

    Course Learning Objectives
    • Explain the technology fundamentals of home theater signals, displays, audio reproduction, and home theater processing.
    • Identify the steps to follow when designing and planning the installation of the home theater system.
    • List the specific steps involved in the pre-wire, trim-out, and final installation phase of a project.

    User ID/Password:
    Upon registration, students are emailed (within 24 hours) a unique user ID and password along with instructions for accessing the course. The Course Guide will be shipped on the first business day after an order is received.

    Course Outline
    1. Course Information
    • System Requirements
    • Navigating the Course
    • Course Learning Objectives

    2. Introducing Home Theater
    • The Digital Home
    • Home Theater Experience
    • Components
    • Types of Home Theater Systems

    3. Benefits of a Home Theater
    • Entertainment
    • Convenience
    • Family Time
    • Integrates All Media

    4. Safety, Tools and Standards
    • Safety Considerations
    • Planning Tools
    • Rough-in Tools
    • Trim-out Tools
    • Testing Tools

    5. Home Theater Sources
    • Analog Audio and Video Sources
    • Digital Audio and Video Sources
    • Digital Media Center

    6. Home Theater A/V Processing
    • Video Basics
    • Signal Routing Options
    • Audio and Video Signal Types
    • Sound and Video Connectors
    • Analog and Digital Connections
    • Audio Formats
    • Video Formats

    7. Home Theater Displays
    • Aspect Ratio and Format
    • Video Scanning
    • Direct View Displays
    • Projection Displays

    8. Home Theater Audio
    • Speaker, Amplifier and Power Relationships
    • Speaker Types and Features
    • Equalization
    • Surround Sound Options

    9. Home Theater Control and Environment
    • Remote Control Options
    • Acoustics
    • Power Conditioning
    • Environment Options

    10. Designing a Home Theater System
    • Steps in the Design Process
    • Display and Source Selection
    • Amplification Considerations
    • Home Theater Examples

    11. Installing a Home Theater System
    • Phases of Installation
    • Start Up and Testing Procedures
    • Programming
    • Documentation and Training

    12. Calibrating a Home Theater System
    • Audio Calibration
    • Video Calibration
    • Calibration Tools

    13. Troubleshooting a Home Theater System
    • Methodology
    • Common Problems
    • Ground Loop
    • Troubleshooting Tools

    14. Course Summary
  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Bedrock Learning
    Manufacturer Product No. BL-oc-THEAT
    Length8 Hours
    Continuing Education UnitsCEDIA CEUs: 4

    ESA CEUs: 0.8

    ETA Contact Hours: 80

    infoComm International RUs: 8
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    • 1x - Printed Course Guide (detailed, visual reference with all course content you'll use for years to come)
    • 1x - Course Completion Certificate (upon successful completion of the final test)
    • 1x - User ID/Password (received via e-mail after registration)

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