Security and Access Control Online Training Course


Bedrock Learning BL-oc-SEC Security and Access Control Online Training Course

Learn To Correctly Install and Use Security and Access Controls Systems Like a Pro
  • Course takes 8 hours to complete
  • Further basic knowledge of security detection and access control
  • Course Completion Certificate proves your knowledge and expertise
  • 4 CEDIA CEUs and 8 infoComm International RUs
  • Make your home even safer with correctly installed security and access control systems



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  • Securing your home and family is always high on any homeowners list of priorities, but finding the correct security and access control system and accessories is a little daunting when they're laid out in front of you and look the same. But you don't just need any security and access control system, you need the security and access control system. So, rather than blindly grabbing security and access control equipment and thinning out your wallet, step it up and really dive into how home security and access controls work, and get some training so you can roll up your sleeves and begin installing the correct systems with Bedrock Learning's BL-oc-SEC Security and Access Control Online Training Course.

    This online course delivers a comprehensive and detailed overview of security protection systems including wiring, contacts and sensors, components, fire and safety protection devices, control options, and user interfaces. The course reviews access controller methods such as doors, gates, locks, and device programming if devices are on the same communication network. You will also learn correct programming, testing, and troubleshooting methods to make sure that your installed and interconnected devices are functioning properly and protecting your home. This course is divided into 13 sections with each section ending with a quiz, and a comprehensive test at the very end to demonstrate and test your knowledge. This 8 hour long course is designed to be taken at whatever pace you find comfortable, and upon completion you are awarded a Course Completion Certificate and earn up to 4 CEDIA CEUs (Continuing Education Units) and 8 infoComm International RUs.

    Students should be familiar with the concepts of home security and have basic knowledge of access control options.

    Course Learning Objectives
    • Explain the technology principles of security detection/protection and access control
    • List the benefits of security and access control
    • Name different security contact and sensor types
    • Identify and explain different methods of access control
    • List the steps to design a security or access control system
    • List the steps to install a security or access control systems
    • Explain how to program security or access control system
    • Identify different troubleshooting techniques

    User ID/Password: Upon registration, students are emailed (within 24 hours) a unique user IS and password along with instructions for accessing the course. The Course Guide will be shipped on the first business day after an order is received.

    Course Outline
    1. Introducing Security and Access Control
    • The Digital Home
    • Security and Surveillance Puzzle Piece
    • Security Defined
    • Access Control Defined
    • Security System Block Diagram
    • Elements of a Security System

    2. Benefits of Security and Access Control
    • Safety
    • Convenience
    • Cost Savings

    3. Safety, Tools, and Standards
    • Safety Considerations
    • Planning Tools
    • Rough-in Tools
    • Trim-out Tools
    • Testing Tools

    4. Security System and Technology
    • Security System Block Diagram
    • Elements of Security
    • Contact Fundamentals
    • Security Sensors
    • Input Devices/Keypads
    • Security Controller
    • Monitoring Services

    5. Access Control Technology
    • Access Control Block Diagram
    • Input Devices
    • Access Controller
    • Locking Mechanism
    • Activation
    • Controller Software and Monitoring
    • Exit Mechanism
    • Remote Interface

    6. Principles of Security Protection
    • Perimeter Protection
    • Exterior Protection
    • Keypads
    • Door Protection
    • Window Protection
    • Motion Detectors
    • Fire Protection
    • Gas Protection
    • Water Detection

    7. Security Contacts and Sensors
    • Importance of Correct Sensor
    • Door Contacts
    • Water Detection Contacts
    • Other Contacts

    8. Principles of Access Control
    • Where to Control Access
    • Access and Control Methods
    • Controller Types
    • Locking Mechanisms
    • Exit Mechanisms

    9. Designing a Security or Access Control System
    • Design Process Overview
    • Steps in the Design Process
    • Security System Example
    • Access Control Example

    10. Installing a Security or Access Control System
    • Safety Warnings
    • OSHA and Permits
    • Phases of Installation
    • Time Frames for Installation
    • Pre-wiring Tasks
    • Trim-out Tasks
    • Final Installations Tasks
    • Programming
    • Testing the Installation
    • Customer Education

    11. Programming Security or Access Control
    • Keypad Programming
    • Computer Programming
    • Types of Zones
    • Types of Arming
    • Pass Codes
    • Programming Examples

    12. Troubleshooting Security or Access Control
    • Basic Troubleshooting
    • System Wide Troubleshooting
    • Loop Troubleshooting
    • Zone Troubleshooting
    • Common Problems in Wiring
    • Power Supply Problems
    • Modem Problems
    • Top Ten Security Problems
    • Testing Methods and Tools

    13. Course Summary
  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Bedrock Learning
    Manufacturer Product No. BL-oc-SEC
    Length8 Hours
    Continuing Education UnitsCEDIA CEUs: 4

    ESA CEUs: N/A

    ETA Contact Hours: N/A

    infoComm International RUs: 8
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    • 1x - Printed Course Guide (detailed, visual reference with all course content you'll use for years to come)
    • 1x - Course Completion Certificate (upon successful completion of the final test)
    • 1x - User ID/Password (received via e-mail after registration)

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