Project Management for Residential Installation Online Training Course


Bedrock Learning BL-oc-PROJMGT Project Management for Residential Installation Online Training Course

Become a Certified Expert in Proper Company Documentation and Streamline Workflow Efficiency
  • Course takes 6 hours to complete
  • Delivers a solid foundation in successful and efficient project management
  • Course Completion Certificate proves your knowledge and expertise
  • 3 CEDIA CEUs, 0.6 ESA CEUs, 60 ETA Contact Hours, and 6 infoComm International RUs
  • Learn to control a project from start to finish with the appropriate forms, processes, and procedures



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  • Running your own business is a huge task, from managing employees to working with other companies or partners, you need to be able to keep everything organized and in proper order to make sure your business is running as efficiently as possible. You never know when certain documents will need to be brought out or referenced again, but you don't want to be caught in a situation with inaccurate documentation which could further compound serious issues for your business. So step it up and dive into what makes an efficient business tick, or just get some training so your can roll up your sleeves and start streamlining business operations with Bedrock Learning's BL-oc-PROJMGT Project Management for Residential Installation Online Training Course.

    This online course delivers an interactive and thorough foundation in many aspects of project management with detailed step-by-step instructions guiding you through necessary documentation from the sales process through design, installations or operations, and follow-up visits. The online course is perfect for beginners, amateurs, or expert project managers who want to learn or brush up on essential concepts for proper documentation. The course isn't boring either as informative texts, detailed flowcharts and diagrams, engaging case studies, actual floor plans and project documentation, and special in-depth articles with deeper background and technical information on critical topics make learning efficient and enjoyable. This course is divided into 17 sections with each section ending in a quiz, and comprehensive test at the very end to demonstrate and test your knowledge. This six hour long course is designed to be taken at whatever pace you find comfortable, and upon completion you are awarded a Course Completion Certificate and earn up to 3 CEDIA CEUs (Continuing Education Units), 0.6 ESA CEUs, 60 ETA Contact Hours, and 6 infoComm International RUs.

    No previous project management experience is required, though an understanding of the industry is recommended (see the Introduction to the Digital Home Online Course for more information). This course is for company owners, project managers and individuals involved in installation projects of all sizes and want to streamline operations, increase efficiency, and become masters at project management.

    Course Learning Objectives
    • Explain an overview and benefits of project management
    • Identify the phases, work flow, and tasks of a project
    • Describe the processes and procedures or project management
    • Use forms and documents to control projects
    • Implement tools to help manage and control a project from start a finish, including the budget, purchasing, change orders, and documentation

    User ID/Password: Upon registration, students are emailed (within 24 hours) a unique user IS and password along with instructions for accessing the course. The Course Guide will be shipped on the first business day after an order is received.

    Course Outline
    1. Course Information
    • System Requirements
    • Navigating the Course
    • Course Learning Objectives

    2. Overview of Project Management
    • The Digital Home
    • Project Cycle
    • Project Management Goals
    • Project Manager's Role

    3. Benefits of a Project Management System
    • Performance and Quality
    • Deliver Project On Budget
    • Deliver Project On Time

    4. Tools of Project Management
    • Accounting Folder Set-Up
    • Project Folder Set-Up and Contents
    • Scheduling
    • Types of Documentation

    5. Flow Charts
    • Construction Process
    • Sales and Project Set-Up Processes
    • Project Work: Pre-Wire, Trim-Out, and Final Installation
    • Client Support

    6. Administration Forms
    • Project Management Meetings
    • RMA Transmittals and Logs
    • Client Concerns

    7. Design Worksheets
    • Design Worksheets
    • Equipment Worksheets
    • Lighting Control Worksheets
    • Cable Schedule

    8. Documentation Drawings
    • Block Diagrams
    • Schematics
    • Cabinet and Design Layouts

    9. Installation Support Documents
    • Work and Change Orders
    • Recommended Tools List
    • Wire Use Chart
    • Common RF Problems

    10. Installation Work Organization
    • Procedures
    • Schedule Board
    • Project Recordkeeping
    • Shop and Truck Organization

    11. Sales Process
    • Estimating Procedures
    • Sales Processing Worksheets
    • Benefits and Challenges of Proposal Software

    12. Case Study: Project Set-Up
    • Steps in project Set-Up Phase
    • Case Study Family Introduction
    • Sample Accounting Folder
    • Sample Project Folder
    • Sample Documentation Forms

    13. Case Study: Pre-Wire
    • Pre-Wire Installation Documentation
    • Site Walkthrough
    • Pre-Wire Tasks

    14. Case Study: Trim-Out
    • Trim-Out Installation Documentation
    • Trim-Out Tasks

    15. Case Study: Final Installation
    • Final Installation Documentation
    • Completion Tasks

    16. Client Support and Documentation
    • Client Follow-Up and Review
    • Project Closeout Checklist
    • Maintenance Agreements

    17. Financial Management
    • Purchasing Procedures
    • Labor Reconciliation and Job Costing
    • Project Audit and Cost Analysis

    18. Course Summary
  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Bedrock Learning
    Manufacturer Product No.BL-oc-PROJMGT
    Length6 Hours
    Continuing Education UnitsCEDIA CEUs: 3

    ESA CEUs: 0.6

    ETA Contact Hours: 60

    infoComm International RUs: 6
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    • 1x - Printed Course Guide (detailed, visual reference with all course content you'll use for years to come)
    • 1x - Project Management Forms CD (Over 75 industry-proven and adaptable Project Management forms and other documents help you save time and money)
    • 1x - Course Completion Certificate (upon successful completion of the final test)
    • 1x - User ID/Password (received via e-mail after registration)

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