Battic Door SSLG Whole House Fan Shutter Seal, Large

Battic Door SSLG Whole House Fan Shutter Seal, Large

Energy-Saving and Insulating Seal for Your Whole House Attic Fan Shutter



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    Review of 61095 Review by gwhayes
    Review of 61095

    Functionally, this is an excellent product. 1 year after installing this product I had home energy audit done by an energy consultant. During the blower door test, one of the consultants removed the battic fan cover to see how well it was working. He was so impressed with the way that it reduced air infiltration that he said he was going to buy and install one for his father's home.

    I do have one minor complaint. The product requires that you measure and cut the insulating material to the size of the fan surround. After cutting the seal, there is white electrical tape that is provided a clean appearance at the edge of the seal. Initially, it did improve the appearance, however, over time the tape will not stay adhered to the seal. After a few months, the tape will begin to pull away from the seal. Eventually, I had to remove all the tape as it was hanging off of the seal --- not a good appearance to see that as you are walking down the hallway.

    My advise ----- buy this product -- it works very well, but save yourself the time and aggravation of installing the tape to the edge. It's not worth it.

    Posted on 9/21/2011

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