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Founded in 1992, Smarthome, Inc. is the world's leading designer, manufacturer and online retailer of home automation products. Smarthome provides products in lighting control, whole-house automation, security and surveillance, home entertainment, gadgets and pet care. Smarthome's mission is to 'make life more convenient, safe and fun.' Smarthome is a one-stop provider of thousands of products that allow consumers to automate their homes affordably and easily. Most applications are designed to make life more convenient, including controlling a wireless thermostat from bed, the audio system from any room in the home or pre-setting a floor warmer to turn on before the alarm clock goes off. Smarthome provides consumers peace of mind with products that safeguard the home whether the occupants are there or not. Smarthome offers products that can turn on house lights upon arrival, allow residents to see on television a visitor at the front door and notify the absent homeowner through e-mail if the system detects motion in the house or water in the laundry room. For fun, the company offers a variety of home entertainment devices as well as automated gizmos and gadgets designed specifically for kids.Smarthome founder and CEO Joe Dada, a formally trained engineer, also worked as an investment manager and was an early enthusiast of home automation products. He realized early on that these products would not be adopted by the masses if they were too expensive or too difficult to install. Dada overcame this perception by offering a catalog with simple, convenient and inexpensive products to customize and automate the home designed for the average consumer. Dada privately funded Smarthome through a series of friend and family donations, savings and small loans from the bank and published the company's first catalog in 1992. In February 1995, Smarthome became an Internet pioneer by launching one of the first e-commerce sites on the Web. Smarthome was convinced the Internet would soon be the preferred method of gathering information and shopping. By the end of summer of 1995, Smarthome had a full-functioning e-basket and search engine, which it continues to build upon today. The company credits its early success to the fact that many early Internet enthusiasts were also early adopters of home automation technology and gadgets.During the dot-com era, while most businesses were marketing themselves as e-commerce sites, Smarthome was being pressured by investors to eliminate the print catalog and exclusively become an online retailer. Dada and his team believed the Internet was an effective means in reaching additional customers and simplifying the order process. However, they also believed that most of the company's online orders were catalog-induced. To his credit, Dada continued the print catalog and was proven to be correct when other purely e-commerce sites disappeared.Today, Smarthome prints more than four-million catalogs per year and services customers in more than 130 countries. The company offers more than 5,000 items for the customized automation of the home. Customers can order through Smarthome's direct mail catalog, Web site at and by phone.Smarthome's divisions: division offers proprietary and other manufacturer's products direct to the general consumer through its direct mail catalog, Web site at and by phone. In 2002, sold more than a half-million home automation products. division sells proprietary products in addition to Smarthome's entire line of products to contractors and installers.
Smarthome Design 
Smarthome Design is the company's proprietary product design and technology development division, aimed at improving existing techonology and designing new products that address consumer unmet needs. This division may also purchase the rights to existing products and make design changes in order to be sold under the Smarthome brand. Smarthome continues to be the world's leading designer and manufacturer of home automation productions.All Smarthome products are backed by a 60-day money back guarantee, price-match guarantee and free technical support. Smarthome's support staff stands behind the company's mission and is dedicated to providing information all products offered by Smarthome as well as tailoring product suggestions to each individual's needs and budget.
Smarthome Factory Store 
Smarthome Factory Store stocks thousands of products at our Irvine, CA headquarters.

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