Avion Bluetooth Smart X10 Automation Controller with iPhone App

Multi-room Lighting and Control System for Legacy X10 Home Automation
  • Turn your iPhone/iPad into an upscale graphic X10 home automation controller
  • Hack-Secure: Bluetooth Smart Controller is NOT connected to the IP network
  • 1 Avion controller operates in homes up to 2500 sq.’ Multiple Controllers can be added.
  • Create Events and Lighting Scenes in each room with timer setting
  • Programs easily in minutes in real time with no compiling
  • Compatible with older X10 and newer Soft Start devices


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  • The BTX10 Avion Smart BlueTooth Controller App makes operating X10 Home Automation devices easier than ever with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Turn on, off, brighten and dim lighting modules, send on, off and momentary commands to appliances, window treatments and other devices from anywhere in the home.

    Avion PhotoTouch™ menus are organized by Zone and room name. As an example on the Kitchen Zone menu is a list of Events and Devices such as a table light, track light, desk lamp and coffee maker. Each device can be controlled separately or as part of an Event, like the lighting scene “Dinner Time.” Event names and photo icons appear under the room name and room photo. Pressing the photo starts the event and Events can be scheduled to start and stop using 24/7 timer.

    The Avion IPCE800 controller and BTX10 App was designed from the ground up incorporating BlueTooth® for Apple iOS® and X10 Powerline communications that send commands to X10 compatible devices.

    Zones – Individual Rooms or areas in the home.

    A Zone can be a single room, an upper or lower level or any area of the home inside and outdoors. The BTX10 displays photos of rooms by name selected by user in the photo library. At anytime a photo can be taken of the actual room using an iPhone and iPad and used as the room’s menu icon. There are three app feature levels to choose from: 4-Zones, 6-Zones and 12-Zones. The 4-Zone Basic is free at the App store.

    Devices - Lamps, Light Fixtures, Appliances

    Devices are selected by choosing an icon in the photo library. The device can use the default name, “Table Lamp” or the user can change it. There is an option to take your own photo and replace it instantly from your mobile device.

    The BTX10 App was redesigned from the way most X10 control devices are categorized and programmed. Many Apps ask user to input a House and Unit Code and select from a huge list of X10 compatible switches, modules and gizmos available. We felt it was not necessary because there are only 3 module-switch choices. To control any device, it either needs a command of ON/OFF, BRIGHTNESS or MOMENTARY. Avion created a X10 momentary command so an Appliance module or any PLC receiver with relays will Turn ON, then quickly OFF. Think draperies, irrigation start, pushbutton or a toggle command requirement.

    Events & Scenes

    With Avion Events, take advantage of having one-touch themed multi-room lighting. Instead of adjusting several wall dimmers and switches individually, Events will turn on, off, bright and dim all of the room’s lighting in a scene. It programs in a few minutes for the initial setup and just seconds for adjustments on-the-fly. There is an Events menu for every zone room. In the kitchen you may want to create events at meal times and adjust lighting and turn on devices and appliances. Event PhotoTouch icons are available in the photo library and a simple press puts it on the menu. There are three levels of App features to choose from: 8-Events, 12-Events and 25-Events.

    User Interface

    Avion designed and developed the BTX10 App from the ground up. So you are not getting an off the shelf GUI with just modifications, this is brand new. Avion PhotoTouch™ menus are simple to navigate and designed with photos of rooms, devices and events. The images and large control buttons emit a tone when pressed for confirmation. There was a great deal of engineering time into making X10 compatible modules execute commands from the Controller as fast as possible but reliable.

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    Manufacturer Avion
    Manufacturer Product No. IPCE-800BTC
    UPC 852122005056
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    Avion's X10 Graphics Controller for iPhone is upscale Review by daniel
    Avion's X10 Graphics Controller for iPhone is upscale

    If you are still using a local X10 desktop controller to turn on, off devices and dim one at a light time, see the Avion Innovative iPhone menu driven app. It transforms X10 with custom control features. One-press Scenes and Events, timed events. The GUI includes PhotoTouch menus using a library of rooms and devices or your custom photo with instant editing. The controller is powered by BlueTooth with range to cover a home 2000 to 2500 sq. feet.

    Multi-room zones and multiuser programing is standard. If you have a home working well with X10, the Avion BTX10 transforms the look and operation of today's upscale standard.

    Posted on 11/14/2018

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