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  1. Control all your home entertainment and automation systems with this intuitive color touchscreen Smart Home Remote Control.
  2. Add a little bit of magic to your entertainment system with this easy-to-use, buttonless Magic Wand Remote Control.


    List Price: $89.95

    Your Savings: $39.96

  3. Manage and control your entertainment and automation equipment with an easy to use app and this Home Entertainment Smart Control hub.


    List Price: $99.99

    Your Savings: $4.48

  4. Use this Home Entertainment Remote Control system to manage entertainment and automation systems using an easy-to-use remote or app.


    List Price: $149.99

    Your Savings: $15.17

  5. Logitech’s universal smart home remote, Harmony 650 has a cool color command screen, one touch control and controls 8 different entertainment devices.


    List Price: $89.99

    Your Savings: $18.09

  6. Choose this Home Entertainment Remote Controller for access to all your favorite options with simple swipes and taps on a large color touchscreen.
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6 Item(s)

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