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  1. This communications and satellite dish mounting system provides a weather-tight dish-mounting platform that eliminates the need for exposed wiring or cabling while preventing damage to your roof or siding.


    List Price: $59.99

    Your Savings: $4.65

  2. Quickly Connect Almost Any Electrical Device to a Network for Remote Control


    List Price: $179.99

    Your Savings: $52.45

  3. Control all your home entertainment and automation systems with this intuitive color touchscreen Smart Home Remote Control.
  4. Get Whole Home Surge Protection for sensitive electronics gear and appliances with this panel mounted suppressor.


    List Price: $414.31

    Your Savings: $223.13

  5. Use this versatile Smart Home Interface to connect almost any electrical device and control and automate it using an app on a smartphone or tablet.


    List Price: $139.95

    Your Savings: $40.95

  6. Use this Wi-Fi Remote Access IR Controller to manage your A/V equipment and other electrical devices with an app on your smartphone.


    List Price: $169.99

    Your Savings: $59.00

  7. Install this wired IR Network Adapter to seamlessly connect, monitor, and control infrared devices over a network and the Internet.


    List Price: $139.99

    Your Savings: $49.00

  8. Leviton in-ceiling speakers (pair) give you award winning professional sound quality anywhere in your home. Start designing your home theater today.


    List Price: $134.59

    Your Savings: $11.84

  9. The Global Cache home network adapter with rack mount lets you access and manage common household devices like your TV, motorized blinds and more.


    List Price: $380.90

    Your Savings: $69.72

  10. Use this wired Network Contact Closure and relay to quickly connect and remotely control networked devices in homes, businesses, or schools.


    List Price: $179.99

    Your Savings: $52.00

  11. This solid satellite dish mounting platform won't damage your roof and can be easily removed for future locations without leaving holes in the roof.


    List Price: $39.99

    Your Savings: $0.22

  12. Seamlessly connect, monitor, and control infrared devices over a network and the Internet with this IP to IR Adapter.


    List Price: $179.99

    Your Savings: $51.95

  13. Save room and use every outlet on a power strip with this Space Saving Power Supply which features a compact horizontal design.


    List Price: $29.99

    Your Savings: $19.35

  14. With the Smarthome SELECT dual ir emitter you can extend remote control ability of your audio video equipment from anywhere in the house.


    List Price: $8.99

    Your Savings: $2.00

  15. The Flex Link Relay and Sensor Cable enclosure can be mounted directly on a DIN rail, allowing for simple integration with external relays.


    List Price: $79.95

    Your Savings: $23.01

  16. Connect devices and appliances in a network-based home quickly and easily with this high quality, versatile Home Network Adapter.


    List Price: $304.71

    Your Savings: $64.76

  17. Manage and control your entertainment and automation equipment with an easy to use app and this Home Entertainment Smart Control hub.
  18. Use this Home Entertainment Remote Control system to manage entertainment and automation systems using an easy-to-use remote or app.
  19. Enable device networking and get seamless remote management of serial devices from anywhere with this IP Network Serial Controller.


    List Price: $139.99

    Your Savings: $49.00

  20. This IR Learner is capable of learning any IR code and then testing it for accuracy via the on-board blaster output.


    List Price: $200.00

    Your Savings: $8.63

  21. The Global Cache Flex Link Serial Cable is an accessory for the iTach Flex Ethernet/Wireless smart end-point device.


    List Price: $29.95

    Your Savings: $8.63

  22. This latest version of the Leviton Whole-House Surge Suppressor has greatly increased surge handling capacity. This unit is an essential component when installing an extensive whole-house X10 system. LEDs on the panel show operation status.


    List Price: $531.06

    Your Savings: $272.18

  23. With the Global Cache IR learner your computer can control any device that accepts IR control signals.


    List Price: $119.99

    Your Savings: $45.00

  24. With the Global Cache IR IP gateway you can use PC-based software to access and automate many common household devices, including your TV and stereo.


    List Price: $161.86

    Your Savings: $34.42

  25. Connect almost any electrical device to this Multipurpose Smart Wireless Device to enable access and management via a wireless network or smartphone.


    List Price: $139.95

    Your Savings: $54.61

  26. Easily Supply Power to a Leviton Media Enclosure with 6 Power Jacks and 2 AC Receptacles with this Leviton versatile power supply.


    List Price: $157.65

    Your Savings: $18.53

  27. Enable seamless network connectivity and remote control for nearly any electrical device with this IP Adapter Network Controller.


    List Price: $139.99

    Your Savings: $49.00

  28. Distribute voice, data, video, and audio throughout your home from a single, central location with this Structured Network Distribution Enclosure.


    List Price: $76.64

    Your Savings: $25.47

  29. Logitech’s universal smart home remote, Harmony 650 has a cool color command screen, one touch control and controls 8 different entertainment devices.


    List Price: $89.99

    Your Savings: $18.09

  30. Intermatic's Smart Guard® Whole House Surge Protective Device provides coverage of your customer’s big investment equipment, from appliances and computers, to HVAC equipment and TVs.


    List Price: $434.22

    Your Savings: $184.23

  31. Intermatic’s Surge Protective Device (SPD) with Consumable Modules, provides coverage for 100% of your customer’s big investment equipment, from appliances and computers, to HVAC equipment and TVs.


    List Price: $315.78

    Your Savings: $116.78

  32. Intermatic's consumable module replacements are designed for use with Intermatic's IG2240-IMSK and IG2240-PK surge protection devices with consumable modules. The consumable modules can be easily and safely replaced by the user, as no hard wiring is required.


    List Price: $68.42

    Your Savings: $26.43

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