Automated Litter Boxes Compared


Automated Litter Boxes Compared

What's the Scoop? We Compare Cat Genie, Scoop Free and Lucky Litter

Let's face it - as much as we love our pets, nobody enjoys cleaning after their cat. All the scooping, raking, and smelly odors can annoy even the most enthusiastic cat owner, and the last thing you want is for guests to walk into your home and SMELL that you have a cat. At Smarthome, we've tried to identify the best solutions for this common pet problem.

At a glance comparison
  Lucky Litter Scoop Free Cat Genie
Features Manual - no wires needed Automated
  • Automated
  • Environmentally friendly
Maintenance 30 days 30 days 90 days
Annual Replacement Costs (1 cat household) $200 $200 $212
Ease of Installation Easy Easy Medium
Price Range <$50 <$100 <$300

Lucky Litter

Lucky Litter Scoop Free SlideAre you looking for a simple solution? Then here it is - the Lucky Litter Scoop Free Slide is the quick-clean manual litter box that virtually does the job for you. Just 'step and slide' the waste into the trap for clean, fresh litter every day. Lucky Litter Scoop Free Slide has a revolutionary design and seldom needs cleaning.

No scooping or refilling is needed; it has a disposable litter tray pre-filled with Fresh Step Crystals to provide unbeatable odor control. After trying the Lucky Litter ScoopFree Slide, you'll never go back to your old litter box again!

Scoop Free

Scoop Free Automatic Litter Box Kit

Do you like the idea of an automated litter box, but want something more self-sufficient? Try the Scoop Free Automatic Litter Box Kit with Hood and Replacement Litter Cartridge! This litter box has all the amenities of the Lucky Litter ScoopFree Slide, and more. Equipped with an automatic power supply, the Scoop Free Automatic Litter Box Kit can be left alone for up to 30 days without cleaning or refilling, all while maintaining a sanitary environment for you and your pet. The litter box hood allows your furry friend to go in privacy.

The automatic timer refreshes the box up to 20 minutes after use. If your cat steps into the box during the cleaning cycle, then it safely resets without causing injury. The Scoop Free Automatic Litter Box is simple and time efficient for you and your cat, and helps manage 'cat litter smell'.

Cat Genie

Cat Genie Automated Litter Box

Do you want the top-of-the-line litter box for you feline friend, all while saving the planet? Then you're looking for the Cat Genie 120. As featured on The View, the Cat Genie is the first washable and flushable cat box on the market! It acts like a cat box, works like a toilet, and cleans like a modern washing machine appliance. Its LED display even lets you know when you're running low on solution, making it easy for you to keep track of replacement needs. Just hook it up, and you don't have to worry about maintenance for an entire 90 days!

It's so easy to go green with the Cat Genie! Their SaniSolution Smart Cartridges are now made with biodegradable and recyclable material, and have been reformulated, so you buy less and save money!
If you hate cleaning your cat's litter box, but love saving money and the environment, then the Cat Genie 120 is right for you!

Whether you are on a budget or spare no expense for your furry friend, Smarthome has automated litter boxes for any budget!

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