Autani A12-01-0302-01 EnergyCenter Home Thermostat

Save Energy and Money by Automating Your Thermostat
  • Local or internet-based automation, monitoring, and management
  • Easy to install, managed Thermostat is compatible with heat/cool and heat pump systems
  • Save energy and money by automating your thermostat!
  • Flexible, dynamic schedule with 7-day, calendar, and occupancy based settings
  • Made in the USA (ARRA Compliant)


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  • The Autani EnergyCenter Home Thermostat manages heating and cooling based upon 7-day schedules, calendar schedules, and dynamically scheduled occupancy settings. Easy to install, the EnergyCenter Home Thermostat is a direct replacement for many existing thermostats and is compatible with Autani's Wireless Motions Sensors and SmartLet Outlet Controllers. Easy to manage, you can locally or remotely adjust thermostat settings, schedules, and setbacks with a tablet or PC with a web browser connected to an Autani microManager running EnergyCenter Home software. Easy to own, EnergyCenter Home provides you with historical and real time information on energy consumption to help maximize savings.

    • Separate heating and cooling set points with dead band control and configurable fan settings
    • User-definable occupied and unoccupied set points can be varied per 7-day or calendar schedule
    • Keypad can be locked and unlocked per schedule
    • autaniNet secure wireless communications
    • Compatible with Autani's EnergyCenter Home wireless occupancy sensors and SmartLet outlet controllers

    • All EnergyCenter Home systems require a microManager web appliance, included with the Starter Package
    • Configuration and monitoring requires a PC (Windows/ Mac/ Linux) with a Web Browser and an Ethernet connection to the Autani microManager
    • Remote Access requires a connection between the microManager and the internet
    • EnergyCenter Thermostats are compatible with a variety of heating and cooling systems. Refer the Thermostat installation guide for details.
  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Autani
    Manufacturer Product No A12-01-0301-01
    UPC 091037197757
    Electrical Input Voltage: 24VAC 50/60Hz +/- 15%
    Relay Rating: 24VAC @ 1 Amp max. per relay
    Temperature Sensing Accuracy: +/- 0.3° @ 77°F
    Temperature Sensor(s): 10K NTC type 3
    Display Resolution: 0.1°F
    Display Display Size: 2.75" x 1.875"
    Back Light: Blue EL (Electro Luminescent)
    Back Light Life: 3,000 hours to half brightness
    Options Keyboard Lock: Multiple level selection
    Heating Setpoint Range: 41°F to 120°F
    Cooling Setpoint Range: 43°F to 122°F
    Internal Sensor Calibration: +/- 9°F
    Radio Network (autaniNet) IEEE 802.15.4-2003 2.4GHz ISM (ZigBee)
    Range: Approx. 1000 Feet LOS transmit/ receive
    Environmental Operating Temperature: 32° to 122°F

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