Audioplex Technology TB-HD In-Wall IR Blaster Emitter, White

Audioplex Technology TB-HD In-Wall IR Blaster Emitter, White

Blast an IR Signal Between 30 and 40 Feet!
  • Single gang in-wall design
  • Works as a remote repeater of infrared controllers
  • Distributes IR signals up to 40 feet away



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  • The Audioplex Technology TB-HD In-Wall IR Blaster Emitter is designed to receive and repeat a signal from an IRTarget or IRStation and mimic that signal to the device being controlled. This allows operation of any unit from any room in a structure equipped with IRTargets. Use this mounted in the wall opposite the A/V equipment when there is an unobstructed path. The unit will blast an IR signal between 30 and 40 feet with IR equipment that does not use a current limiting resistor, like the Smarthome Design line of products. When used with an ordinary connecting block, the range will be four to seven feet.

    Please Note: Take care to make sure that this unit is NOT IN THE LINE OF SIGHT OR REFLECTION with one of an IRTarget. If radiation from the repeater is picked up by a system sensor, a feedback situation is created which will result in instability and unreliable operation. Undesirable reflection can occur off the light colored walls, windows, mirrors, even shiny wood finishes.

    • Connector: Screw-type, 2 wire
    • Mounting:
      • IRBug: Directly to the front panel of each A/V component
      • IRFlood: Mount in front, above, below or to the side of components, can flash 2 or 3 units
      • TB-T: Table top version
      • TB-S & TB-D, TB-HS & TB-HD: Fit most standard junction boxes
    • Range: 10 -15 feet +, "H" models 30 - 40 feet (when used with Audioplex IRTargets)
    • Angle: +/-20-30 degrees off nominal axis. +/- 50-60 degrees off axis
    • Wire: Use conventional unshielded "zip" or telephone wire
    • Warranty: Manufacturer lifetime limited
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