ATON DLA4 4-Zone DLA Speaker Selector with Remote Control

ATON DLA4 4-Zone DLA Speaker Selector with Remote Control

Add Four Pairs of Speakers to your Home Theater Receiver and Remotely Control On/Off and Volume Functions
  • Adds up to 4 pairs of speakers to a home theater/stereo receiver or amplifier
  • DLA (Dynamic Level Adjustment) Technology delivers maximum available volume levels to each zone while protecting your amplifier from damage
  • 125 Watts of power handling per zone (pair of speakers)
  • Front panel LED indicators
  • Scene Presets
  • Slimline Infrared (IR) Remote Included



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  • While the speaker selector concept has been around for decades, they generally require you to either walk to the selector or in-wall volume controls in each zone to turn the speakers on or off or to adjust the volume. ATON has solved this problem with their patent pending DLA (Dynamic Level Adjustment) technology. With this 4-Zone DLA Speaker Selector, you can add up to eight speakers (4 pairs or 4 zones) to your existing home theater receiver or amplifier and turn those zones on or off and adjust the volume with the included IR remote control (line of site to the speaker selector is required). Each zone can handle up to 125 Watts of power, and the DLA technology helps to protect your amplifier from damage when used at high volume levels. Built-in LED indicator lights on the front panel of the speaker selector that let you know which zones are active and the current volume level. For added convenience, scene presets can be made, allowing the volume level for each zone to be saved and then recalled at any time with the press of a button. The ATON 4-Zone DLA Speaker Selector with Remote Control is a simple and affordable way to create a multi-zone audio system.

    About DLA Technology
    The ATON 4-Zone Speaker Selector uses DLA (Dynamic Level Adjustment) technology. Unlike typical speaker selectors that use basic impedance correction, the ATON DLA Router utilizes a logic circuit that actively monitors how many zones are on, along with their respective volume levels, and delivers maximum available power to each zone - simultaneously protecting the DLA and the amplifier from damage. Each DLA zone output features an electronically controlled potentiometer, built with the highest-grade materials available to ensure super-flat frequency response and high power handling (125 W).

    More Control
    For use of the IR remote in each zone you can add IR receivers (sold separately). If you want remote control with running receiver wires, you can control the speaker selector via radio frequency (RF) with an ATON 4-Zone DLA RF Receiver and Remote Control Kit (sold separately), offering wireless control anywhere in and around your home (200 foot range). If you like having an in-wall controller, an optional wired ATON DLA Touch Sensitive Audio Control Keypad will let you manually control volume, mute and zone/system power from an individual zone; it also includes a built-in IR Receiver for the IR remote control.

    Zone labels with adhesive backing included for easy front panel zone identification.

    Volume Status Bar
    The front panel includes a Volume Indicator LED bar with 11 LED's located above the All On/Off and Volume -/+ buttons. The Volume Indicator LEDs display the volume for whichever zone is selected. When a zone is selected and ONE LED is lit, that zone is at minimum volume. When a zone is selected and ALL LEDs are lit, that zone is at maximum volume.

    Maximum Turn-On Volume Level
    In order to guard against unexpected high volume levels when the system is turned on, a Maximum Turn-On Volume Level may be set for each zone. If the volume level prior to turning the zone off is lower or equal to the Maximum Turn-On Volume Level, the zone will come back on at the last volume. If the volume level prior to turning the zone off is higher than the Maximum Turn-On Volume Level, the zone will come back on at the Maximum Turn-On Volume Level instead of the last volume.

    IR Receiver Connections
    The speaker selector features an IR Receiver Input for each zone. To facilitate IR control of each zone, connect a standard IR receiver to these inputs. Each IR receiver will send IR signals to the speaker selector and control the zone it is connected to. Provisions exist for IR, Ground, and Voltage.

    IR Emitter Outputs
    Three IR Emitter outputs are provided for controlling components such as A/V Receivers, DVD Players, CD Players, Digital Music Servers, etc. Any IR signal received by a zone IR INPUT will be sent out of all of the IR emitter outputs.

    Page/Doorbell Volume Level
    By programming the Page/Doorbell Volume Level for each zone of the DLA system, the volume levels for each of the zones will jump to their programmed settings when the PAGE/DB INPUT of the speaker selector is activated.

    Impedance Match Dip Switches
    The Impedance Match Dip Switches are designed to allow various speaker loads to work safely with variously rated amplifiers. Speakers rated between 4 Ohms and 8 Ohms can be matched with amplifiers also rated from 4 to 8 Ohms.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: ATON
    Manufacturer Product No.: DLA4
    UPC: 810163010033
    Dimensions: 2 3/16" H x 17" W x 8 5/8" D (5.6cm H x 43.2cm W x 21.9cm D)
    Weight: 10.15lbs (4.6kg)
    Operating Temperature: 32° F - 104° F (0° C - 40° C)
    Operating Humidity: 0% - 90%?
    Power Input: 12VDC, 2.1 Amps
    Amplifier impedance: 4 - 8 Ohms
    Speaker Impedance: 4 - 8 Ohms
    Frequency Response: 20 HZ to 20 kHZ +/- 1 dB
    Power Handling: 125 Watts RMS per channel
    Maximum Attenuation: -56 dB @ Last Step
    Dynamic Range: 43 dB over 12 steps
    THD: < 1%
    Power Connection: 2.1mm jack
    Amplifier Input: 4 Position Flip-lock Connector (16AWG Speaker Wire)
    Speaker Output: 4 Position Flip-lock Connector (16AWG Speaker Wire)
    Sense Inputs: 2.1mm jack
    IR Input: 4 Position Flip-lock Connector
    Page/Doorbell Trigger In: 3.5mm mono jack
    IR Emitter Output: 3.5 mm mono jack
    RF Input (ATON Port): RJ-11 jack
    Certifications: FCC
    Warranty: Manufacturer, two (2) year

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    • ATON 4-Zone DLA Speaker Selector with Remote Control
    • 12VDC power adapter
    • Slim-Line IR remote control
    • Room/zone labels
    • Quick-start guide
    • Owner's manual

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