ATON DHTP1 DIGI-5 Digital Amplified Touch Pad

ATON DHTP1 DIGI-5 Digital Amplified Touch Pad

Add Touch Pad Control to Your ATON Whole Home Audio Distribution Router
  • Touch Pad Controller for the 4-Source, 4-Zone DIGI-5 Whole Home Audio Distribution Router
  • Built-In digital amplifier - 30 Watts per channel
  • Attractive back-lit touch surface - no hard buttons
  • Simple, easy-to-read LED display area
  • Includes customizable graphic films and screwless wall plates (white, ivory and almond)



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  • If you already own or plan to purchase an ATON 4-Source, 4-Zone DIGI-5 Whole Home Audio Distribution Router you can build your system as you go by adding the ATON DIGI-5 Digital Amplified Touch Pad one at a time. The Touch Pad uses DIGI-5 technology which allows it to be connected back to the router with a single Cat 5 cable, (sold separately). The Touch Pad has a super efficient 30W amplifier built-in that runs cool and delivers crystal clear digital audio to connected speakers. The Touch Pad illuminates with backlit indigo blue glow that gives it contemporary appeal. No PC software programming is required, just connect to the router and you're ready to go. Access up to four system sources and one local source (requires Local Source Input Wall Plate), all from the press of a finger. Match the design and decor of your home using the included Decora wall plates (white, almond and ivory) and matching touch surface films.

    Other Features
    • MUTE Indicator LED: illuminates when the zone has been placed in MUTE from the touchpad or IR Remote
    • Source Left/Right: selects the next or previous source. Adjusts from the Touch Pad or IR remote. The SOURCE Indicator LEDs display the selected source.
    • MUTE: places the zone in MUTE. The MUTE Indicator LED illuminates.
    • Power: press and release to turn zone On or Off. The SOURCE Indicator LED illuminates for the source currently selected in the zone. Press and hold to turn all zones Off.
    • Volume Up/Down: ramps Volume Up and Down or takes zone out of Mute. The Volume Bar ramps up or down to correspond to the button presses.
    • Volume Bar: shows current Volume level when zone is active.
    • IR Indicator LED: illuminates when IR commands are being sent from the Touch Pad or when IR commands are being received by the built-in or external IR receiver(s).
    • IR Receiver: receives IR commands from hand held remotes to control System or Source components.
    • Source Indicator LED: display which source is selected in the zone.
    • Touch Surface: 30 second, 2/3 minute timeout (all LEDs and backlight turn Off) after last button press. Press once to wake up Touch Pad - LEDS will illuminate to display current zone status.
    • Whole House Music Mode (WHM): links all zones to share source selection functionality so that the whole house listens to the same source. Any Touch Pad in any zone can initiate WHM mode. Volume, Mute and Tone settings remain independent for each zone, but the source selection remains linked.
    • Do Not Disturb Mode (DND): excludes a zone from Whole House Music Mode and Page/Doorbell functions.
    • Tone Control Mode: allows for adjustment of audio Tone settings including Bass, Treble Balance, Dynamic Range Compression and Loudness.
    • Source Lock Out: this setting determines which sources can be selected in the zone in which the DHTP1 is installed, allowing for parental control
    • Page/Doorbell Volume Level: This setting determines the Page/Doorbell Volume Level for the zone in which the DHTP1 is installed.
    About DIGI-5 Technology
    The ATON 4-Source, 4-Zone DIGI-5 Whole Home Audio System uses DIGI-5 technology. DIGI-5 is a revolutionary new technology standard that provides a complete end-to-end digital audio solution over Cat5 wiring. DIGI-5 is based on advanced digital distribution and amplification circuits that allow multi-room audio systems to be installed more quickly and cost-effectively. DIGI-5 allows for interoperability between companies adopting the standard and will provide more choices and more solutions for installers to offer to this expanding market segment.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: ATON
    Manufacturer Product No.: DHTP1
    UPC: 810163010972
    Operating Temperatures: 32° F - 104° F (0° C - 40° C)
    Humidity 0% - 90%
    Sampling Frequency: 48kHz
    Word Format: 24Bit, Stereo
    Output Power: 30 Watts Per Channel
    THD + Noise Full Scale: 0.06%
    Dynamic Range: 96dB
    Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz +/- 0.1dB
    Unit Dimensions: 2.62" L x 1.80" W x 4.07" D (66.548mm L x 45.720mm W x 103.378mm D)
    Inputs and Outputs: One (1) SYSTEM RJ-45 port
    Two speaker output connectors (right and left)
    One (1) Auxiliary power connector
    One (1) RJ-45 port
    One (1) External IR input jack
    Maximum Cable Length: Cat-5 wiring: 300 feet between the router and the touch pad
    Warranty: Manufacturer, two (2) year

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    • ATON DIGI-5 Digital Amplified Touch Pad
    • Mounting hardware
    • Screwless wall plates (white, ivory and almond)
    • Customizable graphic films
    • Owner's manual

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