Atlantic Water Gardens RHCRU Clean Rain Ultra Downspout Diverter

Atlantic Water Gardens RHCRU Clean Rain Ultra Downspout Diverter

Simple Way to Conserve Water by Collecting Rainfall for Various Outdoor Uses
  • Diverts clean rainwater for collection
  • Water is cleaned and filtered by removing contaminants and most debris
  • Stainless steel mesh screen prevents bugs from entering water
  • Compatible with most hoses for immediate use
  • Ideal for use with rain barrels, cisterns, ponds and more


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  • Roughly 60% of water is used outdoors making harvesting rainwater a smart, green and easy way to conserve water helping both the environment and your water bill too. The Clean Rain Ultra Downspout Diverter from Atlantic Water Gardens is an all-in-one rainwater filtration and collection system designed to ensure the water you store is bug and debris-free. The Ultra Downspout Diverter installs directly into the downspout of your home's gutter and uses the force of rainwater to deflect leaves, debris and bugs off of its leaf slide and stainless steel (mosquito-proof) mesh screen. Depending upon the intensity of the rainfall the Smart Sense First Flush valve will divert dirty roof water from the initial rainfall and then collect the clean water that comes after. The Downspout Diverter is compatible with standard garden hoses, 1" sump hoses, 1.5" pool hoses and 3" schedule 40 pipes. Any of these hoses can be connected directly to the Clean Rain Diverter and used to fill up a rain barrel or cistern, pond, pool or even to directly provide water to plants and trees.

    The Clean Rain Ultra Downspout Diverter can be installed at any height along the gutter downspout. It is recommended to install it at a reachable height to make maintenance, such as removing leaves and debris, an easy task. To install, 29.3" of downspout will need to be removed as this is where the Downspout Diverter will be setup. It comes with 2 downspout adaptors to fit 2" x 3", 3" x 4", 3", 4" and schedule 40 pipes. The Downspout Diverter will work automatically upon installation and can be switched off when desired if you don't need to divert water. Its exterior is white but can be painted to match the color of the downspout it is being connected too for a clean look.

    Inside look at the Downspout Diverter technology

    Installation Instructions
    1. Remove 29.3" of downspout from where the Clean Rain is to situated. Ensure all edges are clean and smooth.
    2. Remove the cap and use snips to remove a section to fit the downspout.
    3. Remove the cover by flexing outwards at the top.
    4. Fit the correct downspout adaptor to the bottom of the Clean Rain.
    5. Slide the cap up the top section of the downspout and hold temporarily in place.
    6. Install the Clean Rain by positioning it securely on the bottom section of the downspout.
    7. Screw the top of the Clean Rain in position through the screw slots provided. Ensure appropriate screws and anchors (if required) are used.
    8. Check the placement of the Vibrating Screen. It must sit behind and below the front face.
    9. Insert the Leaf Slide into slot holes.
    10. Re-install the front cover.
    11. Slide the cap back down the downspout until it sits securely on the top of the Clean Rain unit.

    Rain Head - The leaf slide and vibrating screen can both be removed when the cap and cover are off by lifting up and out. If cleaning is required simply hose or brush off any debris.

    Outlet - The outlet has an internal mosquito barrier that prevents any mosquitoes from entering the tank. To clean simply remove the outlet by holding the unit in one hand and with a firm pull remove the outlet adaptor. The mosquito barrier sits within the outlet and can be removed by hand.

    First Flush - The Smart Sense valve may require the occasional clean to remove any build-up of sediment. To clean, remove the Clean Rain from the wall and take the bottom adaptor off the unit. To maintain optimum performance the washers based at the bottom of the Smart Sense valve should be replaced approximately every 12 to 24 months.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Atlantic Water Gardens
    Manufacturer Product No. RHCRU
    UPC 727429009024
    Product Dimensions L 8.25in x W 9in x H 31in
    Weight 10 lbs
    Downspout Compatibility 2in x 3in, 3in x 4in, 3in, 4in and schedule 40 pipe
    Hose Compatibility Standard garden hoses, 1in sump hose and 1.5in pool hose
    Installation Connects directly to rain gutter downspout
    Bug and Debris Shield Leaf slide and stainless steel mesh screen
    Paintable Exterior Yes
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    DO NOT BUY - Flawed Design, Leather Washers Will Fail After 12-24 Months Review by Paul
    DO NOT BUY - Flawed Design, Leather Washers Will Fail After 12-24 Months

    I have owned and operated mine for two Spring-to-Winter seasons as part of my rain barrel collection system. At the start of the third season the unit has completely failed. This tracks with other reviewers who bother to come back and update or add reviews after at least 2 years.

    1) *** THIS IS THE KILLER FLAW *** The leather washers that implement the first flush valve do not last. The manufacturer is not responsive regarding ordering replacements or advising on what else to do to make a cost effective repair. I have read elsewhere on the web from other owners that I may be able to get one more season out of the device if I put some rubber washers into the mix if I can find some that are the same size as the leather washers when they are dry. As it stands I am getting a trickle of rain regardless of which way the on/off switch is set. In the future I will either forgo a first flush valve in my rain barrel collection system or I will use one of the other available designs for a first flush valve that require little to no maintenance for continued operation.

    2) The vibrating leaf guard lets water splash over and out -- A LOT! The ground underneath the device is always wet after a rain. I wanted a self contained system that would not leak. This unit fails miserably in this regard. Yes, I have it seated properly. Yes, I clean the vibrating leaf guard regularly.

    3) If like me you put a 3" schedule 40 PVC connector over the in/out port then that also leaks but at a drip rate. I don't want to use PVC cement there because there is a filter that you need to be able to clean. I suspect that if you use the standard in/out port with a garden hose or two that this will not leak until its rubber gasket wears out. Unfortunately that same rubber gasket does not work with the 3" PVC connector. I don't see a way to get a snug fit here without using latex caulk that must be replaced every time you take off the piece to clean the filter.

    4) The screw holes in the back of the unit leak. This is also at a drip rate and I can put some latex caulk here to stop this leak.

    The item has good esthetics which is why I bought it in the first place over other options. The swivel feature is also neat although I don't need it and that feature may well be yet another source of leaking.

    Posted on 3/27/2015

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    • 1x - Downspout Diverter
    • 1x - 2" x 3" and 3" x 4" downspout adaptor
    • 1x - 3", 4" and schedule 40 pipe downspout adaptor
    • 1x - Installation and maintenance instructions
    • 1x - Warranty registration card

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