Aspect Solar A1-A625 Sunsocket Sun-Tracking Solar Generator


Aspect Solar A1-A625 Sunsocket Sun-Tracking Solar Generator

Charge Portable Devices with a Sun-Tracking Solar Panel that Fits in a Briefcase
  • Portable solar powered generator with a sun-tracking solar panel
  • Everything included in carrying case
  • Charges in 5 hours with good sunlight and 9 hours in poor sunlight
  • 60W solar panels and 250W battery produce consistent and long-term power
  • Supports a 4 USB ports, an AC outlet and a 12V DC outlet
  • CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award Honoree


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  • As electronics become an important facet in your daily life, you'll begin facing a common problem: keeping devices fully charged so you can keep using them. Thankfully, Aspect Solar figured out a way to ensure you charge and ready your electronic devices with the A1-A625 Sunsocket Sun-Tracking Solar Generator. Essentially, the solar-tracking solar panel charges every kind of device since it features four USB ports, an AC outlet and a 12V DC cigarette outlet that charges your devices quickly and efficiently anywhere you are. At first, you'll probably wonder why the solar panel looks a bit like a Jame's Bond briefcase, but everything you need to harness the sun's energy and connect devices is already built-into the briefcase so you don't need exterior devices. On top of feeling like a gadget saving MI6 agent, the briefcase is relatively light (weighing in at 25 pounds) for easy portability and it uses a lithium ion phosphate battery to extend the life and save weight compared to traditional heavy lead acid batteries. The solar tracking power generator is great for larger more energy draining appliances such as video game consoles, televisions, fans and more without sending environmentally hazardous emissions into the air; or keeping it charged as a backup battery for devices and appliances in emergency situations like electrical blackouts, power outages, and rolling blackouts.

    What makes the Sunsocket Sun-Tracking Solar Generator great is that it brings sun-tracking power panel technology traditionally found in large solar power stations and home installations directly to you at an affordable price. When you open the briefcase, slip up the panel, slide out the wings, and press the power switch, the panel will automatically position itself to directly face the sun, as best as possible, and begin storing energy for your plugged-in devices. For maximum charge and efficiency, solar panels should be perpendicular to the sun's rays. The generator also comes with a standard DC charging adapter if you need to pre-charge the generator, but you may not even need this as the battery only discharges between zero and two percent per month when left alone.

    What To Power
    DeviceWattagePower Duration with Full BatteryWith Clear Sunlight
    Mobile Devices, Chargers, Small Fans, GPS, LED, Lighting, CPAP Machines10

    25 Hours

    12.5 Hours
    As long as sun is out

    As long as sun is out
    LED Televisions, Video Game Consoles, Radios, DVD Players30


    8..3 Hours

    6.3 Hours

    5 Hours
    As long as sun is out

    As long as sun is out

    As long as sun is iout
    Laptops, Electric Coolers, Large Fans60

    4.2 Hours

    3.6 Hours
    Up to 25 Hours

    Up to 12.5 Hours
    Multiple Devices Charging Simultaneously80

    3.1 Hours

    2.8 Hours
    Up to 8.3 Hours

    Up to 6.25 Hours
    Maximum Output1002.5 HoursUp to 5 HOurs
  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Aspect Solar
    Manufacturer Product No. A1-A625
    UPC 804551475016
    DimensionsClosed: 16.5 inches (H) x 20.2 inches (L) x 4.2 inches (D)

    Panels Extended: 44.8 inches
    Weight25 pounds
    Best Operating Temperature32°F - 120°F

    0°C - 50°C
    Operating ConditionsDry Locations Only
    BatteryBattery Capacity: 250 Watts

    Solar Charge Time: 5 Hours (Good Sunlight), 9 Hours (Poor Sunlight)

    Wall Charge Time: 5 Hours
    Power Consumption Examples (in strong sunlight)All Day: 50W Laptop, 20W Small TV, 40W Game Console, 45W Portable Fridge
    Power Consumption Examples (without sunlight)5 Hours: 50W Laptop, 40W Game Console, 45W Portable Fridge

    12.5 Hours: 20W Small TV
    Solar PanelRated Wattage: 60 Watts, Monocrystalline cells
    OutputsUSB (4 Sockets): 5V 1.1A Max

    12V DC Socket: 12V ± 20% 10A

    AC Universal: 100 Watt Modified Sine Wave
    InputDC: 15V 4A
  • 5 Reviews

    Review of 46106 Review by Dave
    Review of 46106

    re. David - Houston

    I appreciate your opinion about people getting onto a soapbox and spouting randomly about a product and in some situations can agree with you. However I will not buy a $1,999.99 product just so I can point out a very basic limitation. A limitation that, due to its existence, would stop me from buying it.

    After assisting our close friends during last year's Alberta flood not everyone understands these subtle differences in technology. Power was off for a week and PSTN was not reliable as many of the telco pedestals were wet or underwater.

    I provided them with one of those self contained emergency auto boosters sealed 12 V battery, two 2 W solar panels and a 1 amp 2 port USB cigarette lighter charger so they could keep their cellphones charged. It TOOK A WHILE to explain that their iPad, with all the additional records stored in it, couldn't be charged due to the 1 amp limitation. Providing a 100 W inverter, to power the Apple AC adapter, would have worked but would have probably killed the 12 V 7 AH battery before the iPad was fully charged. My solution was not elegant but they managed to keep 4 cellphones fully charged. Their adult children live within a 1 block radius and although not flooded out had no power as it was cutoff to the entire district.

    Could I have gone around town looking for a 2.1 amp charger? Sure but my time was better spent pumping out the half dozen basements theirs and 5 somewhat older neighbors and helping to remove the water soaked / damaged furniture, appliances, etc.

    I provided a detailed explanation looking at the product from an engineer's view point and a real life situation. Not a soapbox rant. Like I said, I hope Aspect Solar considers a product enhancement in the near future.

    Posted on 7/27/2014

    Review of 46106 Review by Roland
    Review of 46106

    For an expensive and presumably cutting edge device such as this I would fully expect to see a True Sine Wave AC output -- not a low-end modified sine wave. If they cut corners by using modified sine wave circuitry, what other design cuts were made? What were the designers thinking?

    Posted on 5/18/2014

    Review of 46106 Review by David
    Review of 46106

    I appreciate Smarthome searching out and making interesting products like this one available to us. However, I think it would be better if Smarthome requires that anyone posting a review actually be a real customer. Readers are not interested in the opinions of non-customers. The so-called fundamental error that the above reviews point out is very minor and is easily dealt with by simply plugging in an ipad charger.

    Posted on 5/18/2014

    Review of 46106 Review by Dave
    Review of 46106

    Nice SMARTHOME. I post an interesting observation not negative about the product and even after almost 3 weeks you don't post it.

    My observation was that this is an interesting product. However if you look as the 4 USB ports you can see that they are only 1.1 A. This is good to charge many USB products but things like iPad and other devices that need 2 A will not charge. This takes you to using a cigarette lighter adapter 2.1 A output of back to the AC adapter. I hope Aspect Solar catches this and make the USB ports more flexible.

    Posted on 5/8/2014

    Review of 46106 Review by Dave
    Review of 46106

    If you notice carefully in the video and in the specifications that the USB ports are limited to 1.1 amp. This means that an iPad or any other device requiring 10 watts or up to 2.1 amp will, most likely, NOT charge.

    The way around this problem is to get a 2.1 amp cigarette lighter adapter or use the AC outlet and plug in adapter to charge those heavier draw devices. Not the best solution considering you have 4 USB outlets sitting right there.

    I'm surprised that after all the work that Aspect Solar put into this device that they made such a fundamental error.

    Posted on 4/28/2014

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