Artemis V2 256 Device INSTEON Controller

Affordably Incorporate up to 256 INSTEON Devices with an AMX, Crestron, or RTI System
  • Stand-alone controller for up to 256 INSTEON devices or scenes
  • Integrates INSTEON with AMX, Crestron, or RTI home automation systems
  • Built-in astronomical clock, timers, event sequencing and sunrise/sunset events
  • Tracks and reports status of all INSETON devices
  • Set-up, programming and management all done through a web-browser



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  • Why spend tens of thousands of dollars on a lighting control system through other high-end home automation systems, when Artemis can achieve the same lighting control for a fraction of the price? The Artemis V2 INSTEON Controller acts as a centralized, stand-alone, world-class lighting automation controller for INSTEON devices. Additionally, it creates a portal to integrate INSTEON devices with AMX, Crestron or RTI home automation systems. You can still take advantage of the other great features that the aforementioned home automation systems have, while saving a bundle on the lighting control using a combination of Artemis and INSTEON.

    Artemis can trigger actions from sunrise or sunset time (based on the built-in astronomical clock), a fixed time of day, INSTEON remotes or sensors, or even IR remotes. Built-in commands make it easy to tackle complex, but common tasks. Installation requires no special tools, just a Windows PC, as the lighting set-up can be done with a web browser (Internet Explorer). Add dimmers, design scenes, set timers, and let Artemis program all the switches for you. When you're done, Artemis will run on its dedicated hardware without a computer. For basic external control, IR remotes such as Universal Remote Control can learn the IR codes for Artemis. Simply attach an optional IR sensor, and teach the Artemis codes to your remote.

    For smaller applications, an Artemis V2 64 Device INSTEON Controller is available, sold separately.

    For AMX dealers wishing to add Artemis to hardware they provide, the Artemis V2 64 Device INSTEON Controller (Software Only) is available, sold separately.

    INSTEON Compatibility
    The Artemis system works with the following INSTEON devices:
    • KeypadLinc Dimmer 6-button Controller
    • KeypadLinc Dimmer 8-button Controller
    • KeypadLinc On/Off 6-button Controller
    • SwitchLinc Dimmer
    • SwitchLinc Dimmer (HighWattage)
    • SwitchLinc Relay
    • In-LineLinc Dimmer
    • In-LineLinc Relay
    • LampLinc
    • ApplianecLinc
    • OutletLinc
    • RemoteLinc
    • ControLinc
    • PowerLine Modem
    • AccessPoint

      Maximum Reliability
      INSTEON creates a mesh network using power-line and RF communication methods, establishing an agile network for automation systems. Artemis validates all INSTEON commands with replies from the end devices. Missed commands are reattempted. With Artemis, you have all the advantages of a central control system while maintaining all the advantages of the INSTEON decentralized system.

      Powerful Automation
      Built-in automation tools provide sophisticated and robust control features that anticipate the homeowner's needs. Events for time-of-day are built-in, including sunrise and sunset calculations. Sequences can trigger when addresses or events occur on the network. Events can also be triggered from INSTEON or even legacy X10 sensors.

      Affordable Installation
      Many systems currently in the field have a hidden cost: time and labor. The time for training, installation, and maintenance of a system can be as much or more than the system itself. Beyond a robust design interface, Artemis offers analysis tools designed to help track down errors.

      Set-Up Tools
      System set-up uses a web-based interface using Internet Explorer on a PC. Artemis has simple set-up tools to add devices, design scenes and trigger scenes from remotes. All set-up information is stored on the Artemis processor in a text file that can be backed up separately.

      Status Feedback
      Artemis tracks the state of all INSTEON devices, so Artemis can display the levels of each dimmer and indicate which scenes are active. Current status information enables the system to provide simple yet powerful automation features. For example, a "Sunset" scene can be designed for minimal lighting in the main areas of the house, providing energy savings. At sunset, a command ensures the lights are at least at the sunset level. If someone already turned the lights on brighter than the sunset level in the room, the system will not dim the lights at sunset. Artemis updates the KeypadLinc backlights with current status information. These buttons can show status for lights on/off, scenes on/off, or they can be controlled externally.

      Artemis also updates the KeypadLinc backlights with current status information - it is the only INSTEON controller to do so. These buttons can show status for lights on/off, scenes on/off, or they can be controlled externally.

      An event can be triggered by time-of-day, sunrise, sunset or by an INSTEON or X10 device. Each event has a list of actions to execute with decisions for each item. Delay timers allow simple exit timers or event sequences. Timers can be assigned a timer ID number that can be cancelled. A "blink light once" command is provided for simple but effective feedback from the controller indicating that a timer has been set.

      Combining features, Artemis enables a dimmer to act normally with button presses, but set a timer on a double-tap so guests can have light to leave before the lights utomatically turn off. The porch light could be set to blink once to confirm the timer was set.

      Field Upgradable
      As new INSTEON products and ARTEMIS features are introduced, update Artemis to include them. Artemis can connect over the internet allowing engineers to remotely upgrade the system. (Upgrade fees may apply)

      External Control
      Universal IR remotes that support AMX IR codes can trigger scenes or turn lights on or off. Artemis has a built-in IR input, all that is required is an IR Eye.

      Bi-directional RS232 and Telnet control are available for more advanced systems like AMX, Crestron or RTI. All strings are ASCI based and can be reported to a separate telnet window - helpful for programmers to verify commands are sent and received. Artemis sends updated status strings when changes occur - no need for complex polling routines.

      Legacy X10 Support
      While we recommend replacing X10 devices with faster and more reliable INSTEON devices, that may not always be possible or practical. For these situations, Artemis supports the core X10 codes for legacy devices. X10 can be used as a trigger in automation, or X10 commands can be issued in automation events. Artemis also has built-in routines to optionally track the state of a device.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: South Coast Logic
    Manufacturer Product No.: AHV02064
    Patent No.: U.S. Patent No. 7,345,998, International patents pending
    Power Supply: 280mA @ 12VDC (included)
    Dimensions: 1.58" H x 5.54 W x 5.12 D
    One rack unit high
    Weight: 1.30 lbs
    Enclosure: Metal with black amtte finish
    Microprocessor: 304 MIPS
    Memory: 32 MB SDRAM (not upgradeable)
    16 MB Flash chip (not upgradeable)
    512 kb of non-volatile SRAM
    Front Panel Components: Program Port - RS232 DB9
    Configurations dip switch
    LEDs: IR RX, I/O, Serial, LINK/ACT, Status, Output & Input
    ID pushbutton
    Rear Panel Connectors: Port 1: RS232 - connects to SmartHome PowerLine Modem (PLM)
    Port 2: RS232 - can connect to external control systems like RTI, Crestron, AMX
    Port 3: IR/Serial: (For Future Development)

    Port 4: Digital I/O - IO #4 used to force the system to the default IP address
    Port 5: IR RX - Accepts an IR sensor for simplified lighting control systems
    AXLink Port: (For Future Development)
    Ethernet Port: RJ45 for 10/100 Mbps - connects to home network
    Power Port
    Operating Environment: Temperature: 0° C (32&degF) to 50° C (122° F)
    Humidity: 20% to 85% RH
    Included Accessories: 2-pin 3.5mm mini-Phoenix female PWR connector
    4-pin 3.5mm mini-Phoenix female connector
    6-pin 3.5mm mini-Phoenix female I/O connector
    CC-NIRC IR Emittter
    Software Requirements: Windows 2000, XP or Vista
    Internet Explorer 6.0
    Telnet Application
    Sun Java 6
    INSTEON Features
    Interface Module: INSTEON PowerLinc Serial (included)
    Maximum INSTEON Devices: 256
    Maximum INSTEON Scenes: 255 (24 are reserved)
    Maximum INSTEON Devices/Scene Combinations: 2500
    Maximum Timers: 256 (50 simultaneaously)
    Maximum Triggers: 256
    X10 Features
    Interface Module: INSTEON PowerLinc Serial (included)
    Maximum X10 Devices: Supports all X10 codes A1 -P16

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