Arduino TinkerKit Basic

Arduino TinkerKit Basic

Educational Kit with Interactive Sensor Modules
  • 12 different sensor modules for tinkering
  • Design interactive environments without need for a soldering iron
  • Pre-soldered onto orange boards
  • Ideal for those who want to learn about electronics



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  • Whether you have a pre-existing knowledge of what makes electronics work and like to tinker or are eager to learn, then the K000001 TinkerKit Basic from Arduino can help to grow your skills. This kit includes numerous sensor modules with 3-pin connectors that have been pre-soldered onto orange boards that are geared towards getting you stared with creating your very own interactive environments and interfaces. The TinkerKit Basic is designed to be suitable for use by children, adults, hobbyists or anyone else that is interested in expanding their knowledge about electronics and what makes them work.

    Sensor Shield - allows sensors and actuators to be connected directly to the Arduino without needing to use a breadboard

    Button Module - sensor that detects when the 12mm pushbutton has been pressed

    LDR Module - stands for Light Dependent Resistor which means that it decreases its resistance as light falls upon it

    Tilt Module - sensor that can detect when it has been tilted at an angle making it ideal for use with items that must be stood upright

    Thermistor Module - resistor that will alter its resistance with temperature

    Rotary Potentiometer - commonly used variable resistor with a turning knob

    Linear Potentiometer - commonly used variable resistor with a middle slide-pin

    Touch Sensor Module - sensor that is sensitive to contact with the skin

    Relay Module - turn a circuit using voltage or current higher than that which the Arduino can handle through the use of an electrically operated switch

    LED Module's - low powered light sources that will illuminate when powered from an Arduino pin

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Arduino
    Manufacturer Product No. K000001
    Sensor Modules 12
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    • 1x - Sensor Shield v.2
    • 1x - Button Module
    • 1x - LDR Module
    • 1x - Tilt Module
    • 1x - Thermistor Module
    • 1x - Rotary Potentiometer Module
    • 1x - Linear Potentiometer Module
    • 1x - Touch Sensor Module
    • 1x - Relay Module
    • 1x - 5mm Green LED Module
    • 1x - 5mm Yellow LED Module
    • 1x - 5mm Red LED Module
    • 1x - 10mm Green LED Module
    • 4x - 20cm Cable
    • 2x - 50cm Cable
    • 1x - 100cm Cable

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