Aqua Mizer AM1004 Adjustable Flush System with 2-Inch Flapper Valve

Aqua Mizer AM1004 Adjustable Flush System

Leak Prevention, Water Saving Toilet Flush System Provides a Powerful Flush with Less Water than a Standard Flush System
  • Unique design prevents internal leaks in the tank
  • Increases flush velocity for a better, complete flush
  • More efficient flushing by using less water than a standard flush system
  • Saves water and money
  • No internal metal parts to clog or corrode
  • Removable filter for sand and sediment
  • Easy to install, requires no special tool
  • 2 inch flapper valve



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  • Do your part and help save water with The AM1004 Aqua Mizer, a specially designed adjustable toilet flush system that delivers increased flushing performance while also minimizing water consumption. This leak preventing fill valve, with a specially designed two inch flapper, is made of a special composite with superior resistance to chlorine damage. The flapper has a flat bottom for increased flush velocity and an adjustable float. This system is simplistic in its design and easy to install. It requires no special tools, and the toilet does not have to be dismantled. Average installation time is about 20 minutes.

    Each unit of the system has built-in features, all designed to make the toilet function more efficiently, and substantially reduce water consumption. In addition, the built-in removable filter combined with the increased flush velocity helps to reduce the frequency of bowl cleaning. And it will easily pay for itself with lower water costs in less than a year. The Aqua Mizer system provides an inexpensive, simple solution to upgrade just about any toilet to a totally efficient, code compliant, eco-friendly system that will easily outperform anything on the market.

    • The average toilet is flushed 6-8 times a day, using up to 30 gallons of water a day. At any given time, 20% of all toilets are leaking. These leaking toilets account for 8% of all water used to flush toilets. A leaking flapper can waste 75,000 gallons and up to 200,000 gallons a year. If just the leaky toilets in California were retrofitted with this system, water consumption in the state would drop by 550 billion gallons a year.

    • When toilets are flushed, most of them waste about 25% of their flush water due to improperly set flush volumes and inadequate velocity. With our patented system, you not only get a more efficient flush, but you almost never have to flush twice to clear the bowl of debris and stains.

      *Data Source: EPA/WaterSense, American Water Works Association

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Aqua Mizer
    Manufacturer Product No. AM1004
    UPC 030955479439
    Manufacturer Warranty 10-year warranty on fill valve, 5-year on flapper

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    It works well Review by GR
    It works well

    I got a few samples of this product--actually the next generation which had an additional fail-safe device (at the fill valve) to prevent toilet overflow. I installed one myself and have been using it for a number of months. It works exactly as stated. We went from occasional overflows to zero. Occasional running toilet to no running toilet. When I first installed it, we occasionally got a "dry flush" meaning we found the toilet hadn't refilled. No big deal as you just flush it again, but I then tried punching the handle in various casual ways to reproduce careless usage, and dialed in the lengths of the two chains till I the thing would simply not fail to flush correctly each time. So it's key to adjust the chains per the instructions. It's easy to do though, and large installations would go quickly.
    I do recommend getting the later model though (check their website).

    Posted on 10/12/2015

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