Applied Digital OCELOT Modular Home Control System

Control Just About Anything in Your Home with This Powerful Automation System!
  • System offers 2-way X10 compatibility, IR capability, and control of anything activated by relays
  • Control 256 X10 devices and execute up to 1024 IR commands
  • Expandable with up to 128 expansion modules
  • Features built-in RS-232 port for programming by a PC



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  • Have your home control needs grown beyond what your X10 modules and mini-controller can handle? Take the next step with the Ocelot Modular Home Control System, one of our most comprehensive home automation systems ever! This powerful, flexible and easy-to-use system offers two-way X10 control for 256 devices, execution of up to 1024 IR commands (with 2,000 lines of code) and activation of hundreds of relay-controlled devices. Together, these capabilities let you control virtually any light or appliance, remote control audio/video component, heating, air conditioning, or sprinkler system and so much more!

    The Ocelot Modular Home Control System is also fully expandable! Start off with the central controller and expand from there with an assortment of add-on expansion modules. For true ease of use, you can even expand with one or more touchscreen controllers. Together, these components can be linked together to create a home control system that feels like it was custom-tailored just for you!

    The central controller offers complete two-way X10 control through an RJ-11 port (requires X10 TW523 Two-Way Interface Module with straight through connection cable, sold separately) and can be connected to a PC with its RS-232 port and included cable. After programming the controller with the system's free software, you can disconnect it from the computer for independent operation. The controller also offers an RS-485 port, two 3.5mm stereo jacks and dual IR ports (transmit and receive), giving you access to its learning IR features.

    The system lets you build macros on just about anything and offers the ability to send and receive ASCII text messages. It also features a four-wire screw terminal that lets you connect various control modules, providing relay outputs, as well as analog, digital and supervised inputs. Up to 128 modules can be connected in a daisy chain (4,000 ft. max), giving you a grand total of 2,048 points (each input or relay output is one point). Available modules include:

    8-Input Low-Current Relay Module -- This module has 8 inputs that can be configured as digital inputs, analog inputs (0-5V) or supervised inputs for detecting dry contact closures. It also has 8 low-current (24V @ 1A) relay outputs.

    16-Input Module -- This module offers 16 inputs that can be configured as digital inputs, 4-20mA inputs, analog inputs (0-5V) or supervised inputs for detecting dry contact closures.

    16-Zone IR Module -- Expand the IR outputs 16 at a time with this flexible module. Control multiple IR devices, including TVs, VCRs, stereo systems and more. Each IR output on this module is identified as a zone.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: Applied Digital
    Manufacturer Product No.: OCELOT
    Compatibility: X10 compatible
    Capability: Two-way X10 control for 256 devices
    Execution of up to 1024 IR commands (with 2,000 lines of code)

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    Review of 73101 Review by GREG
    Review of 73101

    Reliable unit but very primitive to program. Better software would help, along with better programing manuals.

    Posted on 9/1/2013

    Review of 73101 Review by CLAYTON
    Review of 73101

    Great product. Have been using it for years and actually picked this one up just as a spare -- I don't want to be without it if something happens.

    Posted on 10/31/2012

    Review of 73101 Review by WILLIAM
    Review of 73101

    I bought the Ocelot to replace a similar stand-alone controller called Homebase that was starting to become unreliable (it was 15-20 years old). Installation was very easy and the program syntax was very similar to the Homebase so I had my program up and running in an afternoon. Very simple to install and program; highly recommended.

    Posted on 8/31/2012

    Review of 73101 Review by Chris L
    Review of 73101

    This is the real deal. You're not going to get a better bargin in home automation than this. Great unit, great automation community.

    Posted on 9/10/2008

    Review of 73101 Review by JOHN
    Review of 73101

    Fine service

    Posted on 8/25/2005

    Review of 73101 Review by ROBERT
    Review of 73101

    Works easier than I expected it to.

    Posted on 6/14/2005

    Review of 73101 Review by CHARLES
    Review of 73101

    Very good does what was advertised easy instructions.

    Posted on 3/4/2005

    Review of 73101 Review by TOM
    Review of 73101

    Ocelot does what I needed at a reasonable price.

    Posted on 12/30/2004

    Review of 73101 Review by DAN
    Review of 73101

    So much better than my old Activehome. Easy to program and is working flawlessly.

    Posted on 12/29/2004

    Review of 73101 Review by CHARLES
    Review of 73101

    Exceeds expectations.

    Posted on 9/28/2004

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