Ani Mate Inc. 305B Cat Mate Elite Super Selective Cat Flap, Brown

Ani Mate Inc. 305B Cat Mate Elite Super Selective Cat Flap, Brown

Uses Electronic ID Discs to Prevent Stray Animals from Entering Your Home
  • Includes 2 electronic ID discs to control entry and exit through flaps
  • Timer control with 4-way locking feature - always locked, entry only, exit only, and always unlocked
  • Fully draft and weatherproof brush seal flap
  • LED display shows selected entry/exit lock status, cat location, time of last use, and low battery warning



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  • The Cat Mate Elite Selective Cat Flap is designed to keep stray animals out of your home. Simply program the included electronic ID discs and attach to your cat's collar to be assured only your animals can enter and exit your home through the cat flap. Up to eight ID discs (sold separately) can be programmed to one cat flap. If an animal tries to enter your home without a programmed ID disc, the cat flap will stay shut.

    A four-way locking feature gives you full control of your cat's entry and exit through the flap. Set the flap to locked, unlocked, entry only, or exit only. You can also use the timer function to program lock states for certain times of the day. For example, program the lock state for entry only after 6 pm, so you know your cats will be safe from prowling, nocturnal animals.

    The LED display allows you to easily see which entry and exit lock status is selected, as well as alerts you of low battery. You are even able to view your cat's current location and the time since the flap was last used for up to three selected cats. Requires 4 AA batteries (not included).

    • Color: Brown
    • 4 Way Lock: Yes
    • Keeps Stray Pets Out: Yes
    • Individual Access Control: Yes
    • Cat Location Indicator: Yes
    • Timer Function: Yes
    • Doors/Panel (self lining thickness): 50mm (2")
    • Walls: Yes
    • Single/Double Glazing: Yes
    • Overall Width: 248mm (9.75")
    • Overall Height: 265mm (10.375")
    • Cut Out Width: 166mm (6.5")
    • Cut Out Height: 192mm (7.5")
    • Cut Out Diameter: 229mm (9")
  • 3 Reviews

    Review of 61262br Review by Terry
    Review of 61262br

    Love this door! As for those who have put it in a metal door, that can be problematic. But, I solved the problem after doing some research on it! I have my door in an old pet mate window sash metal window frame. I wanted the convenience of having the pet door in my window, but the window sash models don't have the timer feature. So, I took out the door that came with the window sash for which the magnets no longer kept the door closed and replaced it with this door.

    I was having trouble getting the door to work with the fobs when on my dog's and cats' collars. But, I taped the magnetic control fob to the door. This allows the door to still work on the timer. It just won't work on each individual pet. It's a combination of the fob being near the door and the pet pushing against the door that makes the mechanism work. And, it only does that when the pet pushes against the door. So, the batteries don't run down.

    I need to keep my cats in during the day since they are much more brave at night and try to escape the cat fence then. So, using the timer works perfectly for me. The cats can go out during the day and enjoy the sunshine. But, at night, once they come in, they are in for the night until sunrise.

    Love it!

    Posted on 8/19/2013

    Review of 61262br Review by TOM
    Review of 61262br

    Great price, fast shipping

    Posted on 10/9/2011

    Review of 61262br Review by CHARLES
    Review of 61262br

    The first one of these we bought we rated 5 star. We finally had so much trouble with it that we sent it back for repair and bought another. This one we put into a metal door and it just won't work correctly with the magnet on the cat. We've given up the fight and left it in 'training mode' --prepared every day to find some critter inside.

    Posted on 7/19/2011

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