Andrea Electronics C1-1025200-50 NC-250V High Fidelity Circumaural Stereo Computer Headset

Andrea Electronics C1-1025200-50 NC-250V High Fidelity Circumaural Stereo Computer Headset

Aviator Style PC Gaming Headset Removes up to 75% of All Background Noise
  • 40mm speakers with CD quality deep bass sound
  • Large passive noise reduction ear cushions remove up to 75% of background noise
  • Noise cancellation microphone technology with the highest voice recognition industry rating
  • Pro-flex microphone boom for accurate and comfortable microphone placement
  • Inline volume control with mute function



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  • When sound intelligibility is a priority, the NC-250V Circumaural stereo PC headset from Andrea Electronics provides full size headphones that have circular ear pads that encompass your entire ears. These headphones completely surround the ear and are designed to fully seal against the head and to keep out any intrusive external background noise so you can enjoy a complete and full sounding audio experience. The large, comfortable faux leather ear cushions provide a plush a comfortable feel while in use. These headphones feature a dual rib adjustable headband to provide a stable and comfortable fit, even for those with smaller or narrower heads. The NC250V High Fidelity Circumaural PC headphones are equipped with a noise canceling microphone. This microphone provides the highest voice recognition industry rating, delivering enhanced speech accuracy for speech recognition and VoIP applications. They also have a reinforced nylon braided shielded cable with inline volume controls with a mute function.

    Circumaural headphones is the technical name for full size headphones. They traditionally have circular or ellipsoid pads that encompass the entire ear with a comfortable pad. Because the design is meant to encircle the entire ear, many circumaural headphones form a tight, comfortable seal around your ears and head to attenuate any intrusive external noise.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Andrea Electronics
    Manufacturer Product No. C1-1025200-50
    UPC 752921040992
    Microphone Plug 3.5mm Pink (PMS 701C)
    Speaker Plug 3.5mm Green (PMS 365C)
    Noise Cancellation 5 dB/octave
    Frequency Range 100 - 10,000 Hz
    Electrical Signal-to-Noise Ratio > 60 dB
    Sensitivity at 1 kHz (0 dB=1 V/Pa) -44 dB
    Current Consumption 16 bit
    Headphone Speaker
    Frequency Range 50 - 20,000 Hz
    Coil Resistance 32&#8486
    Sound Output from 1 kHz 1 mW Input 114 dB
    Max Input Power 40 mW
    PNR > -13 dB

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