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Amaze-Heater 120250 Electric Wall Mounted Panel Heater, 250 Watts

Heat Your Room Economically and Safely with the Power of Heat Convection
  • Heats by convection currents
  • No noise and no stirred up dust
  • Attractive slim design with minimal wall protrusion
  • Can be painted to match the decor of your room
  • No exposed electrical elements, low surface temperature will not cause burning


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  • The Amaze-Heater Wall Mounted Panel Heater is a safe and economical room heater that works on the principle of convective heat transfer. The Panels are mounted to a wall, in the desired room and location using the hardware provided and simple do-it-yourself installation instructions. Principle of Heat Convection - Hot air rises and gets displaced by cooler air. The panel heater uses this principle to create convective air currents within the room. These currents, gradually move warmer air around the room and create a uniform ambient temperature. Panel heaters do not have a built-in fan or any other moving part, therefore, there is no noise and no stirred-up dust. This eliminates airborne dust problem and is ideal for people suffering from asthma or allergy issues. Amaze-Heater panels have top and bottom protruding wings to eliminate fire hazards in case of accidental covering of the heating surface.

    • No built-in fans, relies on gentle, natural, convection currents
    • No noise and no stirred up dust, eliminating the airborne dust problem
    • Can be used continuously, even at room temperatures reaching 77°C
    • The only heater available with 'wings' to protect the panel from over heating if it is inadvertently covered
    • Attractive slim design have minimal wall protrusion
    • Can be painted to match the decor of a room
    • Has no exposed electric heating elements
    • Very economical to run even when used continuously
    • 400W Amaze-Heater heating panel heats a 200 Square foot room (see Selection Guide below)
    • Amaze-Heater is safe for children, disabled persons and pets
    • Very easy to install. Amaze-Heater panels are supplied with a Mounting Kit and Template

    Heater Selection Guide
    Ambient Temperature of Room 100 Square Foot Room 200 Square Foot Room 300 Square Foot Room
    32 to 43°F (0 to 6°C) One 600W Panel One 600W Panel
    plus One 400W Panel
    Two 600W Panels
    43 to 50°F (6 to 10°C) One 400W Panel One 600W Panel One 600W Panel
    plus One 400W Panel
    Above 50°F (Above 10°C) One 250W Panel One 400W Panel One 600W Panel
  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Amaze-Heater
    Manufacturer Product No 120250
    UPC 728028128413
    Wattage 250 Watts
    BTU 853.04
    Room Size Coverage Up to 100 Square Feet
    Color White
    Construction Material Specially formulated cellulose cement
    Dimensions 2 Feet x 1 1/2 Feet
    Weight 8.8lbs
    Manufacturer Warranty Two Year Limited

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    • 1x - 250 Watt Wall Mounted Panel Heater
    • 1x - Installation Hardware (screws, caps and pegs)
    • 1x - Drilling Template
    • 1x - Installation Instructions

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