Aero-Tech Light Bulb 100A19/FR 20,000-Hour 100-Watt Light Bulb, Frosted, Package of 6

Aero-Tech Light Bulb 100A19/FR 20,000-Hour 100-Watt Light Bulb, Frosted, Package of 6

Long-Life 100-Watt Frosted Light Bulbs Burn 20,000 Hours Before Needing Replacement
  • Bulbs last 20,000 hours, 26 times longer than standard bulbs
  • Tungsten filament is supported by 7 wires for extra shock resistance
  • Krypton gas element reduces heat to prolong filament life



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  • The average light bulb lasts about 750 hours, which can seem a very short time if the bulb is located in a hard-to-reach location. Replace your standard light bulbs with bulbs manufactured to burn up to 26 times longer than the average general service bulb. The 20,000-Hour 100-Watt light bulbs are a package of six frosted bulbs designed to burn for 20,000 hours.

    Instead of using an ordinary filament with no support, The 20,000-Hour 100-Watt light bulbs have an extra heavy-duty pure chemically treated 20,000-hour filament supported by five support wires and two lead wires, which help provide long life and excellent resistance to vibration and shock. They use an expensive krypton rare gas element, which reduces heat and prolongs filament life. A reflector disc protects the basing cement from heat and directs more light on your task area. The brass base eliminates corrosion and prevents the lamp from sticking in a socket.

    These 20,000-hour light bulbs are also available with clear glass. Long-life bulbs are also available in a variety of sizes, including 75-watt and 150-watt indoor/outdoor flood lights, and 65-watt and 120-watt indoor flood lights.

  • Specifications

    Aero-Tech Light Bulb Product No.: 100A19/FR
    UPC: 707438020128
    Dimensions: 4 1/4" H x 2 3/8" diameter
    Light Output: 950 Lumens at 120 volts
    Energy: 100 watts at 120 volts
    Life: 20,000 hours at 120 volts
    Filament: Non-sag tungsten mounted on two lead wires and 5 support wires

  • 6 Reviews

    Review of 903307 Review by THOMAS
    Review of 903307

    Bulbs are OK

    Posted on 3/20/2013

    Review of 903307 Review by ROBERT
    Review of 903307

    These light bulbs are built like tanks. They will easily last as long as they are rated. Just remember that bulb life and luminous intensity are two sides of the same coin. You can't maximize both. These bulbs produce about the same lumens as a standard 60 watt bulb. Do you like using 100 watts of power to produce 60 watts worth of incandescent light? You do if changing the bulb is a giant production! I happily use these in crazily inaccessable fixtures, but nowhere else.

    Posted on 11/7/2011

    Review of 903307 Review by TERRY
    Review of 903307

    Great product

    Posted on 6/5/2011

    Review of 903307 Review by RITA
    Review of 903307

    thank you for a prompt and complete order.!

    Posted on 2/16/2011

    Review of 903307 Review by RICH
    Review of 903307

    1 of 5 bulbs in the same fixture burnt out in the first 15 days

    Posted on 11/17/2010

    Review of 903307 Review by JANE
    Review of 903307

    Ordering was easy...shipment was fast..these bulbs are fantastic.

    Posted on 10/8/2010

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