Advector inVent-M/R-R1 inVENT Manually Adjustable Register for Remodeling


Advector inVent-M/R-R1 inVENT Manually Adjustable Register for Remodeling

Stop Heating and Cooling Empty Rooms and Evenly Balance the Temperatures in Your Home
  • Adjust the air flow to lower HVAC system run time, reducing your monthly energy bill
  • Replaces old vents and performs better, looks better, and adds value to your home
  • Typical installation takes less than thirty minutes and with little more than a screwdriver
  • 360° airflow pattern means no more direct drafts from your HVAC vents
  • Specially engineered design and material selection help reduce the sound from the duct system and the air noise exiting the vent



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  • We all struggle with those rooms that never get the right amount of air and end up feeling much too cold or way too hot.. But if you are not ready for a fully automated HVAC system...then the Advector inVent-M/R-R1 inVENT Manually Adjustable Register for Remodeling might be just what you need. The unit works by replacing an existing supply register and enables homeowners to manually adjust the amount of airflow coming through the duct system and into the room. By restricting the amount of air that goes into unused or over conditioned rooms, users re-direct conditioned air into rooms that are used and or under conditioned. As a result, in the properly installed system, HVAC unit can run shorter cycles that translate into energy savings and greater comfort. The inVENT register also provides enhanced airflow distribution that results in a better mixing of the conditioned air with the existing room air, all while reducing the noise and direct drafts when compared to traditional metal registers. The manually adjustable inVENT gives you the ability to regulate temperatures by controlling the amount of air that enters each room.

    This product is also available for new construction, sold separately.

    Additional Features
    • Quickly make adjustments to room temperatures to address changes in the weather or room occupancy.
    • The aerodynamic design causes the air to grip the ceiling, wall, or floor to maximize air distribution and comfort
    • Lower your energy usage without having to spend a fortune

    Performance Data
    Closing Plate Position CFM Flow Rate --> 50 100 150 200 250 300 350
    Fully Open Static Duct Pressure --> 0.05 0.09 0.14 0.22 0.34 0.57 0.73
    Fully Open Duct Diameter --> 8-inch 8-inch 8-inch 9-inch 9-inch 9-inch 9-inch
    Fully Open Noise Criteria --> - 19 27 34 42 50 62
    Fully Open Horizontal Face Velocity --> 620 1180 1520 1900 2320 2733 3125
    Fully Open Horizontal Throw --> 7 16 22 32 41 51 58

    Performance Notes
    • Airflow is in cubic feet per minute.
    • All pressure is measured in inches of water
    • Duct Static Pressure is based on 8inch and 9inch duct sizes as indicated
    • Face Velocity is in feet per minute
    • Horizontal Throw is calculated based on 50fpm air velocity and 360 degree distribution pattern
    • inVent cfm rate can be fully controlled by closing and opening of the Closing Plate
    • The Noise Criteria values are based on a room absorption rate of -10 db, referenced to 1pW and one inVENT

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Advector
    Manufacturer Product No. inVent-M/R-R1
    UPC 857309003016
    Base Diameter 10.4in
    Profile height at full open 1.7in
    Profile height at full close 1.0in
    Weight 1.1lbs
    Primary Material ABS Plastic
    Surface Finish White, textured

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    • 1x - Advector inVent-M/R-R1 inVENT Manually Adjustable Register for Remodeling
    • 3x - #10 mounting screws
    • 1x - Gasket
    • 1x - Twist Ring
    • 1x - Owner's Manual

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