Advanced Telemetry CRC-XBEE-001 EcoView Resource Controller

Advanced Telemetry CRC-XBEE-001 EcoView Resource Controller

Remotely Controls Lighting and Other Electrical Devices via Touch Panel or EcoView Web
  • An eight-channel, pilot-duty controller module to manage lighting, ventilation and any energy-consuming electrical load that would benefit from scheduling
  • Access relay channels via the touch screen or remotely through the EcoView Web


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  • Expand your EcoView Commercial system by installing the Resource Controller to add remote control to your lighting and other electrical appliances. You can include virtually any device that draws AC power to your EcoView system. The Resource Controller features eight channels, so you can incorporate numerous devices into your energy management system.

    The Resource Controller allows you to access the connected devices using the Touch Screen or over the Internet via EcoView Web. Then, you can remotely monitor and control those devices without being right next to them. You can even set programs to turn your devices off when they will not be used, such as at night or over the weekend and you won't waste energy if they are accidentally left on.

    The EcoView Commercial system requires a Touch Screen, sold separately.

    Important Note: The installation of the Advanced Telemetry EcoView System involves working with 3-phase electrical mains. Installation is intended to be performed by those with basic knowledge about electricity and electrical wiring, and who have knowledge of standard electrical safety practices. Working with electricity can be hazardous and deadly if standard electrical safety practices are not adhered to. To avoid injury to equipment and/or personnel, it is important that only those familiar with basic electrical safety practices install this device, and that the NEC codes are strictly adhered to. If you feel uncomfortable with working with line voltages, please refer this work to a qualified licensed electrician.

    Additional components of the EcoView Commerical system include the Resource Manager (thermostat), Router, Remote Temperature Sensor,Resource Meter (480V and 240V Delta), and Current Transformer (200A, 400A, and 800A), each sold separately.

    Energy consumption from commercial buildings is set to increase by 1.7 percent per year until 2025, and these rising energy costs have become a major hindrance in small business profitability.

    Previous solutions have been inadequate. A traditional energy management system (EMS) is usually too costly for small businesses to incorporate into their facilities. Programmable thermostats have been helpful, but most lack the advanced features needed to create a completely effective energy management system. Inability to track power consumption over time prevents small businesses from gauging how effective their energy saving tactics really. And unavailability of real-time overall usage data prevents real-time responses to cut consumption and cost.

    Enter EcoView Commercial - the first energy management system designed especially for light commercial facilities

    Key Benefits of the EcoView Commercial system:
    • An affordable EMS system to track, manage and control, in real time, consumption of electricity, and other energy loads in a building
    • Remote monitoring and control capability of all large and small energy loads such as HVAC systems and more
    • Easy and fast installation with drop in thermostats requiring no new wiring
    • Remote monitoring of multiple sites via EcoView Web
    • HVAC contractor from reactive 'fixer' status to a proactive solution provider to client
    • Access to an underserved market including restaurants, medical offices, retail shops, bank branches and other small commercial facilities largely ignored by large control companies
    • A truly scalable and predictable solution for a sector where managing rising energy costs makes a significant impact on narrow profit margins
    • Increased visibility with client; staying top of mind with a wider service offering enabling more frequent visits to client sites
    • An EMS system that does not require integration with a utility company or need monitoring by on-site personnel

    The EcoView Commercial system offers multiple levels of control. Managers at the district or region level can use EcoView Web to set energy schedules and thresholds and manage energy consumption at all their sites. At the local level, the facility manager can adjust temperature within the ranges specified at the district level in order to respond to local conditions without compromising the company's energy management strategies.
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