Have you ever wanted to control your drapes without having to get up from the couch? How about controlling them from your smartphone or tablet? This solution will provide you with the essential steps needed to automate and remotely control your drapes using Insteon. I/O Linc - Insteon to Somfy RF Drape Control Kit allows you to remotely operate drapes, blinds and other window coverings powered by Somfy RTS and/or Inteo motors and controls. Using Insteon automation, you can open and close your window coverings at the press of a button using a switch, keypad or remote control. With the Insteon Hub, you can schedule the drapes or blinds to open or close according to sunrise, sunset or any other predetermined time you decide. You can even use an Insteon-compatible thermostat to activate a scene when an upper temperature limit is reached that will turn on the air conditioner and close the blinds simultaneously to rapidly cool down your home. Let's get started!

Equipment List

    •  1x - I/O Linc - Insteon to Somfy RF Drape Control Kit
    •  1x - Installed Somfy RTS motors and controls with drapes or blinds
    •  1x - Insteon Hub for remote smartphone control
    •  1x - Insteon Wall Keypad for remote wired control

Note: Motorized interior drapes and blinds are custom solutions that must be installed by a professional.
A Somfy-certified expert will assist you with your selection and take care of the entire installation.
Peace of mind and quality are guaranteed!


1) The image to the above shows which wires should already be connected from the Somfy Dry Contact Interface to the I/O Linc terminals. Confirm the wires are connected and reconnect any wires as needed.
        a. Thick bundle:
               •  Black to N/C
               •  White to N/O
        b. Thin bundle:
               •  Black to GND
               •  Red to 5V

Note: During the programming of the Somfy shades, be sure the green wire is disconnected (you will connect the green wire to I/O Linc as the last step).

2) Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the gray Somfy Interface lid.
3) Plug I/O Linc into an unswitched AC outlet (within 65 feet of the Somfy drapes for the best radio frequency (RF) communication results). The I/O Linc Status LED will turn on and blink dimly depending on INSTEON traffic.
4) Reference the Somfy Interface Operating Instructions to program the unit.
5) Use pliers to connect the Somfy Interface’s green wire to the I/O Linc COM terminal.

Note: I/O Linc comes from the factory in Latching Mode, which is the mode I/O Linc must be in to correctly operate your Somfy drapes. When you send the ON command, the drapes will open (unless you altered the factory-shipped configuration). When you send an OFF command the drapes will close.


Add Insteon Control

1) Tap the Set button on I/O Linc to set the desired state. For example, if you want an ON command to open the relay, set the relay to be open. If you want an ON command to close the relay, set the relay to be closed.The I/O Linc Status LED will be dim if the relay is open or bright if the relay is closed.
2) Set the Controller to Linking Mode (for most Controllers, press & hold an On button or Scene button for 10 seconds or the Set button for 3 seconds).
3) Press & hold the Set button on I/O Linc until it beeps (3 seconds).
4) Confirm that Linking was successful by tapping the button you just Linked to on the Controller. The drapes will open and close appropriately.

Control Your Drapes with the following Insteon Controllers:

Insteon Hub – Control it from your smartphone
Expand your home's remote control capabilities by adding the Insteon Hub. With just a few taps, you can control your Insteon Wall Switches from your smartphone or tablet. The Hub makes it easy to schedule your lights and create powerful scenes that control multiple lights with a single tap.

Insteon Mini Remote – Activate drapes from a portable Insteon remote. The Insteon Mini Remote can control four or more devices from anywhere in your home. Lightweight hand-held remote, make it a tabletop control for your nightstand, counter or coffee table. Link this to your I/OLinc and you can control your drapes along with other Insteon devices.

Insteon Wall Keypad – Control it from a wall keypad
Activate the drapes from an in-wall keypad. Replace an existing wall switch with an elegant Insteon Keypad Switch. The large buttons control what the switch you replaced used to control while the other four buttons can be linked to the On/Off Module or any other Insteon device.

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