Ad Hoc EZR-R04FP-8 EnOean Wireless 8-Channel Low Voltage Relay Receiver

Receivers Provide an Easy way to Add Self-powered Wireless Control to Lighting Control and Security Systems
  • Compatible with other EnOcean enabled RF modules (315 MHz)
  • Easily add window/door sensors or self-powered wireless lighting to existing systems
  • Each unit can support up to 30 associations
  • Wirelessly communicates with other devices via EnOcean radio frequency (RF) protocol
  • 100 foot average range



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  • The 8-Channel Low Voltage Relay Receiver accepts wireless signals from other compatible EnOcean-enabled wireless light switches and sensors. It can be used to connect wireless light switches or door/window sensors to existing security, lighting, media, HVAC and other control systems. The low voltage relay receiver provides 8 channels of relay output which mirror the status of battery-free, EnOcean-compatible wireless transmitters. The relays provide wireless links to magnetic proximity window/door sensors or wireless light switches. The receiver receives information from EnOcean transmitters using a simple "ID learn-sequence" that stores transmitter IDs (addresses) in its EEPROM memory. This allows the receiver to store an association between each switch and each relay output. When used with compatible switches, the relays can be configured to toggle with each button press or provide momentary relay closure while the button is held and released. Also available as an 4-Channel Low Voltage Relay Receiver.

    Wireless Light Switch Mode
    Each assigned wireless light switch (transmitter) can be used to change the switching state of the receiver. When in Toggle Mode, each relay can be assigned to respond to a rocker. There is either 1 or 2 rockers on a wireless light switch. When LEARNED in Toggle Mode, one side of the rocker will close the relay and the opposite side of the same rocker will open the relay. When in Momentary Mode, the relay will respond to each button separately. There are either 2 or 4 independent buttons on a light switch. When LEARNED in Momentary Mode, the relay will close when a switch is pressed and the relay will open when a switch is released.

    Wireless Window/Door Sensor Mode (Magnetic Contacts)
    This mode is not yet fully implemented, but will be added in a future release. Currently when used with compatible modules, any one device can open or close the relay, rather than acting as a secure loop. If at least one of the assigned Magnetic Contacts is open, the switching state of the receiver is ON. If all learned Magnetic Contacts are closed, then the switching state is OFF. The Magnetic Contacts transmit a 'supervisory signal' approximately every 15 minutes. For Magnetic Contacts that are in Secure Mode (indicated by a 1 second interval blinking of a green LED during Learn Mode); if there has been no supervisory signal for more than 35 minutes, the relay considers the contact open. For Magnetic Contacts in Unsecured Mode (indicated by a 0.5 second interval blinking of a green LED during Learn Mode) there will never be an indication of whether the contact has failed to send a supervisory signal.

    More About These Lighting Controls
    Wireless controls can be placed virtually anywhere and control any device that is within range. This flexibility opens up the opportunity for energy savings that was not available in the past. To accomplish energy savings in an existing home or building, a system of self-powered wireless controls can be installed to decrease the amount of energy used from lights, HVAC units, and devices that draw standby power. Self-powered wireless motion sensors can be used to turn lights and other devices off when a room is unoccupied. Self-powered wireless temperature sensors can be used to set heating or air conditioning to an "economy" setting. A master switch can be used to stop current from entering devices that draw standby power and easily ensure lights, fans, and other devices are off when exiting. Whatever the application, Self-powered Wireless Controls make it easy to implement a cost-saving energy management system.

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  • Specifications
    Manufacturer AD HOC
    Manufacturer Product No. E3R-R04FP-8
    Range 100 Feet
    Frequency 315 MHz
    Power Supply Input Rating 8-28 VAC or 8-30 VDC, 250 mA max
    Output Rating 2 A at 30 VAC or DC
    Output Channels 8, Form C - N.O. and N.C. Dry Contacts
    Operating Temperature -13° to +140°F (- 25 ° to + 60 °C)
    Storage Temperature -40° to +140°F (- 40 ° to + 60 °C)
    Dimensions 5.12"W x 3.21"H x 1.10"D 10.7cm x 7.2cm x 2.9cm
    Radio Certification FCC (United States): SZV-TCM2XXC IC (Canada): 5713A-TCM2XXC

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    Review of 29256

    the delivered product did not meet the specifications according to the homepage 835MHz to 315MHz is

    Posted on 8/6/2011

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