ACT RD134I Wall Mount A10 Dimmer - Ivory

Dim a Set of Lights with an A10 Command
  • A10 Technology
  • Supports two way communication
  • Supports and Remembers Scenes
  • Supports Standard Code On, Off, Bright, Dim commands
  • Supports Immediate On commands, multiple dim rate operation, multiple dim rate local control
  • Remembers dim/bright state
  • Soft Start
  • Configurable to disable Soft Start
  • Configurable to support All Lights On, All Lights Off, All Units Off commands
  • Configurable to respond to Status On, Status Off commands as On, Off commands
  • Reversible LED indication
  • 50/60 Hertz operation



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  • The ACT RD134I Wall Mount A10 Dimmer is an A10 enhanced powerline carrier dimming receiver. The RD134 responds to ON, OFF, BRIGHT, DIM, and can be configured to respond to ALL LIGHTS ON, ALL LIGHTS OFF, ALL UNITS OFF, and STATUS REQUEST. Dimmer remembers last dim level for correct status report and restoration of dim level upon power up. Dimmer can also be configured to respond immediately to ALL LIGHTS ON and ALL UNITS OFF. The RD134 is programmable to any of the 256 addresses, and for up to 64 relative scenes and 4 global scenes. The fade rate of the dimmer can be programmed from immediate to 271 seconds over the entire dimming range, with 3.12 seconds being the default setting.

    These switches work with the commonly-used X10/PLC signals, as well as the proprietary A10 protocol. This makes them ideal for remote or timed control with any X10 transmitter, intelligent controller or X10-based home automation software. Switches respond to "All Lights On," "All Units On," "All Lights Off" and "All Units Off." They're even capable of two-way powerline communication, including the ability to report status upon a status request from an intelligent controller.

    Capable of a Virtual 3-Way Switch
    Because these switches can be controlled from another location from another switch with the same address, they're ideal for creating a virtual 3-way switch. It's ideal for anyone that wants to control a set of lights from more than one location, without having to hire an electrician to run an additional wire between the two switches. Each switch's address can be set via easy, push-button configuring.

    Status LED
    A status LED verifies power to the unit and indicates status and power. The LED can be set to be "ON" (direct acting) or "OFF" (reverse acting) when load is off.

    Note: Because these switches respond to ALL LIGHTS ON, use care when controlling non-lamp loads. Use an X10 appliance module or wall receptacle if you don't want your device to respond to that command.

    • Electrical Requirements
      • Power
        • Supply Voltage: 120 VAC, +/-10%
        • Frequency: 50 or 60 Hz
      • Signal
        • Signal Input: 120 KHz, X10 Powerline Carrier, sensitive to 25 millivolts peak to peak
        • Signal Output: (Status) 120 KHz, X10 Powerline Carrier, minimum 6V peak to peak @ 5 ohm
      • Controlled Output
        • Internal triac: Enclosed, flying lead connections
        • Maximum switching power: 300 watts, 200 watts with break-off side tabs removed
        • Fuses: One (1) .5 amp slo blow on control circuit, factory replaceable only
        • Disconnect: Load Disconnect or Air Gap Switch on face disconnects load for service
    • Mechanical Requirements
      • Dimensions: 2.7" L x 1.75" W x 1.6" H
      • Weight: Less than 16 ounces
      • Mounting: Mounting plate for standard electrical switch box
      • Connections: Flying Leads: BLACK (Line) -16 AWG, BLUE (Load) -16 AWG, WHITE (Neutral) -18 AWG, GREEN (Ground) - 18 AWG.
    • Environmental Requirements
      • Operating Temperature 32 to 120 degrees F
      • Operating Humidity 10% to 95% non-condensing
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