Smarthome Design  
The Smarthome Manager Essential and PLUS software are suites of home automation softwares that allow for seamless home automation management or monitoring. When coupled with the Smarthome Design interface device, such as the Smarthome PowerLinc Controller USB, Smarthome Manager PLUS provides total home control.

ActiveHome Software  
X-10 ActiveHome Software version 1.42d (Dated 6/6/01)
For the CM11A Two-Way Home Automation Interface.  This new version adds improved support for computers running Windows NT and 2000.  It continues to support computer running Windows 3.1 and 95/98/Me.  This version includes all the patches from the previous version including the one which fixes the Year 2000 problem in 1.32 and earlier.

This software will run on the IBM Home Director computer interface:

Download the three disks required to install:

ActiveHome example macros:

The updated information is now stored in the CM11A interface. All timers and macros should now run correctly. This fix is included in the full install of the software above.

Programmers, here is the Interface Communication Protocol for the Activehome Interface. Use this information to build your own home automation program. This information is provided by AS-IS and we cannot provide any technical support for programming issues. Copy this file to your machine and view it with an ordinary word processor.
Home Vision  
Download HomeVision™ V 3.02 (4.2MB) (Updated 4/01/01)

If you do not have the HomeVision™ hardware, this can be run as a demo.

Recent improvement and additions:

  • Has a web server in the PC software that allows HomeVision to be controlled from a web browser.

  • Can send X-10 "extended code" and "extended data" commands from within your schedule. These commands are used to
        control some of the newer X-10 devices.

  • Can learn infrared signals that do not have a carrier.

  • The X-10 object summary screen now allows more than 16 X-10 devices to be shown at one time.

  • Add an If-Then condition to check the phone number of a caller (as determined by caller ID).

  • Can read a comma-delimited text file and load the contents into HomeVision variables.

  • Support for long file names.

NOTE: You must have a version 2.82 or C3.0 PROM to run the 3.01 PC software.

Click here for more information on HomeVision™

JDS Stargate  
Download JDS Event Manager Software for Stargate  Version 3.08.7 (2.5MB) (11/08/04). This is the full-functioning program for the Stargate which contains a firmware update for the Stargate controller.

List of improvements:

  • Increased the number of HVAC zones from 16 to 32.

  • Added support for LED 7 button Keypads.

  • Added support the 16 8-Channel RS-485 Relay Xpanders.

  • Fixed a problem with LCD keypad THEN-Action Un-invert command.

  • Disabled the Remote Access Timeout when the CO line is put on hold or taken offhook via the schedule.

  • Fixed the problem with received X-10 commands sometimes showing as transmitted. 

  • Fixed the problem with power-restore/first-pass getting executed more than once.

  • Fixed the problem when trying to disconnect/connect audio paths while a voice mail message or other IVR is being monitored.

  • Fixed the Voice Mail Commands: Incoming Call Monitor ON/OFF.

  • Corrected a Power Fail catchup issue: under certain conditions the catchup routine would not function properly.

  • Corrected the problem with user recorded voice messages being deleted.

  • Added the Megacontroller Caller ID message (taken out in 2.43)

  • Fixed the initial Digital Input states when Megacontroller first opens.

  • Fixed the initial IRXP2 Power Sensor states when the Megacontroller first opens.

  • Fixed a Variable Action var+var indexing problem.

  • Added a clear delay routine to clear delays that are active. 

  • Removed the "check for duplicate" function in the Define | X-10 window.

  • Corrected the sync problem between the time of day and the time of day that can be announce through the voice response commands.

Download JDS Stargate Demo (1.32MB) (Updated 11/08/04)

Homeseer Automation Software  

Download Homeseer™ Automation Software Version 1.5 (17.4MB) which now supports these additional interfaces:

This download will expire 30 days after you first run the software. This version of the software does not include the Microsoft Agent support so voice commands will be disabled.

Click here for more information on Homeseer™ Automation Software

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