8 Plug Home Theater Power Center

8 Plug Home Theater Power Center

Get the Most Performance from Your Home Theater System



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  • Monster's Patented Clean Power Stages
    The Monster 8-plug Power Center incorporates Monster Clean Power Stage 2 circuitry which filters both AC powerline noise and reduces noise generated by your connected equipment. Clean Power Stage 2 features two ultra-advanced, isolated filters that include analog and digital audio, plus an ultra-high current audio filter to provide for the best possible AC powerline noise rejection and inter-component isolation for improved component-generated noise rejection. All of these features make the HTS 1000 MKIII ideal for your home theater system.

    Monster's Exclusive T2 Technology
    The Monster 8-Plug Home Theater Power Center features exclusive Monster T2 technology, an active electronic microprocessor-controlled circuit that sits in front of the surge protection circuitry. T2 monitors the line, neutral, and ground lines and automatically disconnects the Power Center from the AC power line when a long-duration low-voltage sag or high-voltage swell occurs (continuous voltage below 80Vrms or above 132Vrms).

    When the voltage sags or swells to these potentially damaging levels, ultra-fast T2 auto-disconnect protection circuitry shuts down the Monster Power Center for 15 seconds. When the under-voltage or over-voltage condition returns to normal, T2 reconnects the Power Center to full operation. If the fault condition does not clear, the T2 comparator circuit keeps the unit shut down.

    Unlike ordinary power management devices, T2 will shut down your Power Center before the MOVs (Metal Oxide Varistors) and thermal fuses sense an overload condition and sacrifice themselves to protect your connected components. This will extend the Power Center's life, while providing the system protection you need.

    Key Features
    Cable/Satellite/Antenna Coaxial Connections
    "IN" connects the coaxial cable from either wall cable outlet, satellite dish or TV antenna. "OUT" connects the coaxial cable to input of TV, DVR, cable box, or satellite receiver.
    Switched/Unswitched Outlets
    4 switched outlets respond to the On/Off switch (or s low-voltage signal applied to the AC/DC IN jack), which lights up when turned to the ON position.
    4 unswitched outlets (Always On) are always on.
    Video Interference Reduction Filter
    The unswitched outlets have a special filter circuit designed to reduce interference to your video components. Make sure to match the appropriate identification label to each component's power cord.
    Digital Voltage Display
    Displays line input voltage in Volts (V).
    LED Indicators
    Individual LEDs indicate that each unswitched outlet is receiving power when the power center is plugged into the wall outlet.
    The PROTECTION ON LED indicates the internal surge protection of the Power Center is active.
    The GROUND OK LED indicates the wall outlet that the Power Center is plugged into is grounded.
    Telephone and Network Inputs/Outputs
    Allow you to hook up telephone (RJ11) and Ethernet (RJ45) lines to protect your system against power surges coming from them.
    Audio Filter
    The switched Outlets have a special filter circuit that reduces noise from the AC power line going to your audio components. Match the appropriate identification label to each component's power cord.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer:Monster Power
    Manufacturer Product No.: MPHTS1000 MkIII
    Dimensions:16.4" x 4.8" x 2.75"
    Cord 8'
    Weight:6 lbs.
    Power Ratings:120VAC 60Hz
    Max 15 amps, 1800w
    Total Energy Dissipation:6125 Joules
    Protection Modes: Line-Neutral
    Clamping:Level 330 volts
    Response time less than 1 nanosecond
    Warranty:5 years, limited
    $350,000 connected equipment

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