5.8GHz 1 Watt Amplifier

5.8GHz 1 Watt Amplifier

Extend the Range of 5.8 GHz Wireless Surveillance Cameras and Devices
  • Extends transmission range of 5.8 GHz wireless RF operating devices
  • Switching power regulator built-in
  • Weather-proof
  • Widely used in wireless AV and surveillance industries
  • Ideal for Industrial/Commercial environment



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  • Designed for extending the range of 5.8 GHz wireless RF operating devices. Great power booster in co-working with RF-Link's 5.8 GHz 4-channel, 8-channel module, and some audio/video transmission systems. Built-in switching power regulator. Ideal in boosting power for OEM/ODM design in AV transmission and surveillance industries. Robust and durable housing design. Weather-proof. Perfect for use in an Industrial/Commercial outdoor environment.

    Q: What is the power spec. of APW-1000?
    A: Input: 120V, 60Hz, 18.5W; Output: 12VDC, 1A

    Q: Can I use a 24VAC 1AMP supply with APW-1000, since the unit has a regulator?
    A: The built-in switching power regulator of APW-1000 is a DC regulator, therefore you must adopt the 24VDC 1AMP power supply as the regulator can only take the DC power supply. And the input voltage should be between 12VDC and 28VDC as stated in the installation guide.

    Q: Does the power cable comes with APW-1000 has bare wire at the end? And does it support a screw down terminal block?
    A: Yes, you can use a power supplies with the screw terminal block to connect to the bare wire side of the power cable that comes with the amplifier.

    Q: Will both 12VDC 500mA and 24VDC 1A with screw terminal block work on APW-1000?
    A: Yes, both all work fine, but it is indeed 24VDC with 1 amp shall give you the most benefit of it.

    Q: What kind of patch cable to use on Trango M5830-AP which has reverse polarity SMA connector?
    A: You will need a reverse polarity to Trango system, and normal polarity to APW-1000.

    Q: Are both SMA ports of APW-1000 male and/or female with outside thread?
    A: Both "RF in" and "RF out" connector located on APW-1000 are female connector, therefore, you'll need male connector with outside thread to connect to amplifier.

    Q: What is the dBm of APW-1000? And how do I increase it?
    A: APW-1000 provides roughly +30dBm. Change to high gain antenna will certainly increase the dBm. For example, if combine APW-1000 with an 18 dBi antenna, you will be able to get a total 48 dBm.

    Q: Which RF-Link product that APW-1000 works with?
    A: APW-1000 works with AVS-5808 to extend transmission range. It also works with RF-Link's 5.8GHz wireless RF module as part of our OEM offering.

    Q: Does APW-1000 amplify all RF bands: VHF, low and high FM and four CATV bands?
    A: No, it does not.

    Q: Does APW-1000 compatible with HDTV signal?
    A: No. it does not.

    Q: Can I take out the board from APW-1000 and place it in a plastic box instead of the metal box that come with it? And by doing so, will it affect any of its performance?
    A: It is all right to place the APW-1000 board inside a plastic box. However, by doing so, the customer must pay attention to the issue of heat ventilation as APW-1000 will be generating a great deal of heat. And generally speaking, putting APW-1000 board in a plastic box will do very little to affect its performance as long as the antenna is exposed outside the box. Please note, this action may revoke the product warranty.

  • Manufacturer: RF Link
    Manufacturer Product #: APW-1000
    Operating range: 5.0-6.0 GHz
    Supply voltage: 12 VDC
    Supply current: 700 mA
    Match impedance: 50 Ohm
    Transmit gain: 20 dB typical
    Transmit power: 1 W
    Operating temperature: -20 to +75° C
    Storage temperature: - 40 to +125° C
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    Review of 76545 Review by JERRY
    Review of 76545

    I purchased the RF-Link amplifier, hoping it would improve the performance of the RF-Link 5.8GHz wireless remote monitoring system. However, adding the amplifier did nothing to improve the constant signal drop problem I experienced over even short (10 feet) distances. I returned both the monitoring system and amplifier, and received a timely and full refund.

    While I can recommend doing business with Smarthome, I do NOT recommend the RF-Link wireless system.

    Posted on 10/22/2011

    Review of 76545 Review by JESSE
    Review of 76545

    Added the extra punch we needed to get through the walls of our condo. Easy to use and set up. I've already suggested it to a friend that needs to do the same as we did.

    Posted on 3/22/2010

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