Insteon Remote Control 240V 30A Relay Switch, Normally Closed

Use a Heavy-Duty Insteon Switch to Control Hot Water Heaters or Other High Current Devices
  • Remote On/Off control of 220V / 240V, 60Hz devices via Insteon
  • Affordable solution for controlling heavy-duty appliances up to 30 AMPs
  • Perfect for Hot Water Heaters
  • Easily installed between breaker panel and Water Heater - no neutral required
  • This product is an Insteon Dual-Band device



List Price: $99.99

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  • The Insteon 220V / 240V 30 AMP Load Controller Normally Closed Relay (Dual-Band) lets you efficiently control the use of heavy duty appliances and take a step towards saving energy and cutting down on utility costs. It allows you to use other Insteon devices to remotely control appliances, such as a hot water heater, that run on higher voltage, up to 30 Amps in a normally closed state. You can also use the local 'Set' button to toggle the attached load on and off. The relay comes with pre-configured wires and mounting hardware. There is no need to open the box for installation, simply identify the labeled wires and connect one set to your breaker panel and the other set to the high current appliance. This switch also uses Insteon Dual-Band technology, which sends and receives Insteon powerline and wireless radio frequency (RF) signals. This allows it to work as a phase bridge for superior signal reliability and as an access point for Insteon RF and battery powered devices.

    The Insteon 220V / 240V 30 AMP Load Controller is also available as a Normally Open Relay, sold separately.

    Required Accessories - Depending on your particular application, you will likely need:
    4 to 6 large red wire nuts
    3/4" conduit between the product and a near-by junction box
    Suitable junction box for connection to existing wiring
    Mounting screws

    Insteon is a powerful home-control networking technology. Insteon messages are transmitted throughout your home both wirelessly and through the home's existing wiring. All Insteon messages are confirmed and repeated by Insteon devices in the network, contributing to the outstanding reliability and performance of Insteon products.

    Safety Tested and Approved
    All of the components have been safety tested and approved.

  • General
    Manufacturer Insteon
    Manufacturer Product No. 2477SA2
    UPC 813922010381
    FCC ID SBP2477SA
    Patent No. U.S. Patent No. 7,345,998, Foreign Patents Pending (See
    Color Gray
    Dimensions 8.6" H x 4.5" W x 2.5" D (21.8 cm H x 11.4 cm W x 6.4 cm D)
    Weight 1.40 lbs
    Warranty 2 Years
    Local Control Yes
    Load Sense No
    Power Restore Yes
    Application LED(s) Load Active
    Field Upgradable Support No
    Operating Environment Indoor
    Operating Temperature Range -4° F to 122° F (-20° C to 50° C)
    Operating Humidity Range 0-85% Relative Humidity
    Insteon Features
    Insteon Addresses 2 hard-coded (1 for Access Point, 1 for Relay)
    Maximum # of Controller Groups 3
    Maximum # of Responder Groups 1
    Insteon Links (max) 417 (total of controller and responder)
    Insteon All-Link Support Yes
    Insteon Multi-link Support No
    Insteon Unlink Support Yes
    Insteon Multi-unlink Support No
    Insteon PLC (Powerline Carrier) Yes
    Insteon RF Yes
    Insteon Powerline Minimum Transmit Strength 3.2 Vpp into 5 Ohms
    Insteon PowerLinc Maximum Sensitivity 10 mVPP nominal
    Insteon RF Ranage >100' (depending on your home’s construction)
    Insteon Messages Repeated Yes
    Insteon Controller Yes
    Insteon Responder Yes
    Input Power Voltage 220/240 Volts (+/- 10%) - Two 120-Volt split-single phase electrical lines
    Input Power Voltage Type AC
    Input Power Voltage Phase Type Split, single phase - connections only to leg A and leg B (no neutral connection)
    Input Power A/C Frequency 60 Hz
    Controllable Device Types All Insteon Responders
    Certification Safety tested for use in USA and Canada (ETL #3193579)
    FCC ID SBP2477SA
    Industry Canada 5202A-2477SA
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    dependable only for a while Review by Pete
    dependable only for a while

    These 220V switches have controlled my hot water heater and my pool pump for years. They worked perfectly for a while, but they quit working and had to be replaced several times. This website says they are not available now. I really need then for my hot water heater and my pool pump. Will they eventually be available?

    Posted on 11/18/2019

    Works poorly with Alexa. Review by Douglas
    Works poorly with Alexa.

    Works poorly with Alexa. Bought 2 of these to control two AC's via 8 button switch. Everything worked initially. However, the insteon hub would not send these devices to Alexa, so I used my ISY hub to do that. For a while that worked. Now the buttons have no effect whatsoever on the units. Alexa can reach them say one time out of 5 tries (the other 50 devices on the network work on the first command). Also when I opened them up, it said "Resistive loads only", which AC's are not. Nowhere was that stated in the specs. Bottom line, after spending $200 on these, threw them both out and am using inline on/off switches wired to a Din contactor (basically made my own unit for less) that is 100% reliable.

    I am sorry to hear you are experiencing issues. Please note that these are listed as not being compatible with the Alexa skill. You can find a complete list of compatible devices at the link below.

    While the product page does not reference Resistive loads, it is referenced on page two of the owners manual which is linked to on the product page. I will forward this concern along to the team to see if they can add it to the specifications tab as well.

    Posted on 8/1/2018

    Pool Pump Automated. Check! Review by Vann
    Pool Pump Automated. Check!

    I have been considering this switch for some time now. I have installed it to automate my pool pump. Installation was easy and it works flawlessly. I have combined it with an automation routine in Houselinc.
    Should have done it a long time ago it is great.

    Posted on 6/19/2018

    Problems with reactive loads Review by michael
    Problems with reactive loads

    The specs don't differentiate between resistive and reactive loads. I put a N/O unit on a water heater and it has worked fine for years. I put a N/C unit on a well pump and it is constantly sending on/off messages back to my controller. I think the reactive pump load caused power fluctuations that affect the insteon control because the false messages occur when the pump turns on. I'll try to add some capacitance to the circuit and see if that helps.

    Posted on 1/15/2018

    Great pump controller Review by PETER
    Great pump controller

    I installed 2 of these for my pool and spa pumps, along with leak detectors, programmed through my ISY. They seem bullet-proof, and already saved me some grief when we had a leak in the equipment room while we were away, and the auto shut down program prevented a serious flood. Well worth the money, especially at this price!

    Posted on 1/4/2018

    Does the job but not reliable Review by michael
    Does the job but not reliable

    This device provides high current load control for my water heater, but I have had two fail in 5 years. Completely fail. I'm not sure what the problem is, but I suspect that relay noise affects the circuitry because they tend to get flakey every once in a while and are unreachable.

    I think a better approach is to use an Insteon micro controller driving a 220V relay. You can size the relay to get the load support you want and the micro controllers have never given me a problem. I use this technique to control heating coils attached to rain gutters for ice melting.

    Posted on 11/10/2016

    2 years working Great Review by cjg
    2 years working Great

    Had a problem with the first unit where it would not stay connected. Got the new unit and its now 2 years no problems. It controls a hot water heater in a vacation home such that I can turn the water heater off when nobody is there.

    Posted on 7/27/2016

    Review of 2477sa2 Review by James
    Review of 2477sa2

    Owned 2 of the Load Controller Closed modules that were installed on our hot H2O heater. Both failed after a few months. Was not happy with C/S when several questions I submitted were never answered I was basically ignored which really surprised me after several years of great C/S from Smarthome. The open controller on our pool filter pump has operated flawlessly fro several years, but there is something abut the closed unit attached to the water heater that just does not work. Have decided not to purchase a 3rd unit for the water heater.

    Posted on 5/27/2014

    Review of 2477sa2 Review by chubby
    Review of 2477sa2

    It works. Does just what it is supposed to do, turn off the pool pumpo and turn it back on when I want. Easy install and all of that. 4 stars just because it costed more than I think it should have. I'd buy it again but would still complain about the price.

    One negative, it will not do dishes, housework, or mow the yard. Maybe the next revision will add this feature.

    Posted on 5/6/2014

    Review of 2477sa2 Review by HARRY
    Review of 2477sa2

    New; not much experience yet. Seems to work as described. I use it to turn off hot water heater while we are away.

    Posted on 10/3/2013

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