Give Would Be Intruders The Impression You're Home
Even when Your Not

Deter home invasions from criminals and burglars at night. Instead of using motion-sensing activated lights and loud audible alerts, the FakeTV emits simulated light and flashes unique patterns that are equivalent to a standard 40-inch high definition television. It does have a built-in timer (with only 2 options: Dusk +4 Hours, Dusk +7 Hours). So we recommend leaving the FakeTV in the 'On' position and pairing it with a 7-Day Programmable Digital timer, this provides an added level of security, allowing you customize the on-times giving it a more random appearance at night.

(1) set the FakeTV to the 'On' position
(2) plug FakeTV into the digital timer
(3) plug timer into and available outlet
(4) program timer as desired

FakeTV Burglar Deterrent GE 15154 Indoor 7-Day Digital Plug-In Timer, 600 Watts

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