20 Cubelet Standard Kit by Modular Robotics


20 Cubelet Standard Kit by Modular Robotics

Build and Play with Various Types of Robots While Learning How they Work in the Process
  • Individual Cubelets snap together to make a variety of different robots
  • Build robots that respond to light, objects, temperature and drive around
  • Expandable system
  • Add more Cubelets for a larger variety of robot options
  • No wiring or programming required, just connect and play
  • Fun introductory to robotics for all ages
  • Battery charger included


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  • Fascinated by robots? Now you can learn about how they work while simply having fun playing with this set of 20 various Action, Sense and Think Cubelet Robotic Blocks. The 20 Cubelet Standard Kit cb-kt-20standard by Modular Robotics consists of 20 individual robotic blocks that each has a built-in tiny computer which allows it to perform a specific function. On their own each Cubelet is simply a magnetic block but start snapping the different Cubelets together and they'll begin communicating with one-another to perform their specialized robotic actions. For example, a Brightness Cubelet and a Speaker Cubelet on their own will not do anything but connect the two together and as the ambient light gets brighter the Brightness Cubelet will tell the Speaker Cubelet to get louder. The Standard Kit will allow you expand your imagination when it comes to the creative possibilities available with the included Cubelets. There's no wiring and no programming involved either, just snap together and play.

    This Standard Kit is consists of 20 total Cubelets, six Action, five Sense and nine Think. The system can be expanded further to allow for the creation of more intricate robots or to just simply have additional pieces lying around to play with. Children and adults alike will have fun for hours experimenting with all the robotic possibilities and watching their creations come to life right in front of them. Additionally the Standrard Kit includes a battery charger so the Battery Cubelet can be recharged after each session.

    Included Action Cubelets
    • Drive: This Action Cubelet features a built-in motor with two roller wheels that will allow your Cubelet robots to roll. It will move in one direction while moving faster when input values are higher and slowing to a stop when a value is zero.

    • Flashlight: Add a beam of light to your robot with this Action Cubelet containing a single powerful white LED. The light will not turn On when it has a value of zero and will illuminate as input values increase.

    • Rotate: Use this Cubelet to add the ability to spin to your robot. It will spin at a rate in accordance to the block's input values.

    • Speaker: This robotic block will sound a chirp in accordance to data values. It contains a built-in amplifier and tiny speaker.

    • Bar Graph: It will display data in the form of an LED light-up bar graph. Max values are reached when the bar graph is fully lit.

    • Included Sense Cubelets
    • Brightness: Contains a built-in analog photocell light sensor that responds based upon the lighting conditions. Point the beam of a flashlight at the Cubelet and values will increase; place it in a dark room and values will drop to zero. When added to a Cubelet robot, the robot will respond and act based upon the amount of light it is exposed to.

    • Distance: This sensor-based Cubelet will act as a proximity detector for the robots it is part of. The sensor is directional and uses infrared (IR) light to accurately detect how close/far it is from an object with a range from 10cm to 80cm.

    • Knob: Provides manual control/operation of a connected Action Cubelet. Turn the knob clockwise to increase the output and counter clockwise to decrease it.

    • Temperature: Able to detect heat with a built-in miniature thermometer. Freezing conditions will cause it to have a zero output.

    • Included Think Cubelets
    • Battery: Exactly what you'd think it does. This Cubelet is what powers your robots. It has a power switch plus two rechargeable batteries that can be removed for charging. Add as many of these Sense Cubelets to your robots to increase power and run time which will be especially important when you start creating larger robots. When using multiples of this Cubelet they will intelligently communicate with one-another and in the event one has less of a charge it will shut down until it has the same charge as the other (for best operation use equally charged Cubelets). This Cubelet can only be powered with the Modular Robotics rechargeable battery.

    • Passive: To make your robots bigger the Cubelets need a way to get information from one-another and this Cubelet helps them do that. Acting in a similar fashion to a wire, it will transmit data and power to other Cubelets.

    • Inverse: As it encounters values being communicated to it, it will flip the values to make the opposite true; low becomes high, and high becomes low. For example, if want your robot to respond to dark conditions rather than light then you'd want to connect this Cubelet to your Brightness Cubelet.

    • Minimum: Will output only the smallest data value it receives making it handy for use in creating an On/Off switch for a robot. Use it with a Distance Cubelet to prevent your robot from falling off a table or over an edge.

    • Maximum: Will output only the highest data value it receives. This can be used when building a robot that you want only to perform actions when a sensor reaches a certain value threshold.

    • Blocker: Used to block data from specific Cubelets though it will still pass power. An application example is when connecting independent modules on a given robot that you don't want communicating with each other.

    • Additional Cubelets
    • Brick Adapter: Used to connect Cubelets to each other as well as provide the ability to combine Cubelet robots with your favorite LEGOs®.

    • Helpful Hints
    • • Every robot will need at least one Sense Cubelet and one Action Cubelet because each robot needs to be able to sense and then act upon its surroundings
    • • Once you've built a robot an easy way to discover and experiment with new creations is to swap Sense Cubelets with other Sense Cubelets and/or Action Cubelets with other Action Cubelets
    • • Placement of each Cubelet makes a difference in how the robot will act and function. Directional Cubelets will alter how your robot works based upon it orientation within the robot.
  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Modular Robotics
    Manufacturer Product No. cb-kt-20standard
    UPC 855165004192
    Total Cubelets Included 20
    Expandable Yes, add as much as you'd like
    Recommended Ages 4 and older
    Manufacturer Warranty 1 year
    Assembled In Boulder, Colorado

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    • 2x - Drive Cubelet
    • 1x - Flashlight Cubelet
    • 1x - Rotate Cubelet
    • 1x - Speaker Cubelet
    • 1x - Bar Graph Cubelet
    • 1x - Brightness Cubelet
    • 2x - Distance Cubelet
    • 1x - Knob Cubelet
    • 1x - Temperature Cubelet
    • 1x - Battery Cubelet
    • 2x - Passive Cubelet
    • 2x - Inverse Cubelet
    • 2x - Blocker Cubelet
    • 1x - Minimum Cubelet
    • 1x - Maximum Cubelet
    • 1x - Brick Adapter Cubelet (4-pack)
    • 1x - Battery Charger

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