2-Line Telephone Protector

2-Line Telephone Protector

Surge Suppressor Protects 2 Phone, Modem, Fax and/or DSL Lines
  • Protects up to two phone lines from power surges
  • Surge suppression eliminates damage to connected phones, fax machines, modems, and DSL equipment
  • Designed for indoor use only

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  • Surge protectors will defend electrical devices from damage in the event of transient surges, but your electrical devices aren't your only possessions in danger. By installing the Intermatic 2-Line Telephone Protector where your phone line enters your home, you'll be protecting your phone, fax, modem and/or DSL lines from the surges that can destroy their connected components. The Intermatic 2-Line Telephone Protector even carries a 5-year warranty with a $10,000 connected-equipment warranty.

    Usage and Installation
    The surface-mounted 2-Line Telephone Protector is designed for low-voltage metallic phone and data lines and features balanced protection between Tip, Ring, and Ground for each of two lines. Terminal block-type connectors allow installation without special tools. Made of epoxy-enameled steel, the 2-Line Telephone Protector has been designed to minimize interference with the signal.

    Protection Component Details
    The protection component is a three-element gas tube, which guarantees continued balance between the Tip and Ring lines at all times. Accidental or "sneak" current is minimized by the use of a Positive Temperature Coefficient Resistor (PTCR), which will reset and allow normal phone line operation once the abnormal current situation has been corrected.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: Intermatic
    Manufacturer Product No.: IG2TM
    UPC: 078275097438
    Dimensions: 3.66" x 3.5" x 2"
    Weight: 11 oz.
    Protected Lines: 2 max.
    Protection Modes: Breakdown 350V DC; impulse breakdown 625V; common mode: tip to ground, ring to ground; transverse mode: tip to ring
    Longitudinal Balance: (TIA -IS-968) Off-hook from 200 Hz to 4kHz: > 40 dB; on-hook from 200 Hz to 1 kHz: > 60 dB; on-hook from 1 kHz to 4 kHz: > 40 dB
    Voltage Compatibility: (TIA -IS-968) Ring voltage of 40 - 150 VAC; 15 to 68 Hz: functional pass
    Insertion Loss: 100 Hz to 100 MHz: < 0.5 dB
    Approvals: UL listed
    Warranty: 5 years, plus $10,000 connected equipment, limited

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    Review of 4873 Review by ROBERT
    Review of 4873

    The gadget looks well made, and it's easy to install. Of course, I cannot tell whether the Protector works unless lightning hits my telephone line! So, I don't want to know whether it works!

    Posted on 4/10/2007

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