1stWorks F2P SH Files2Phones Software for Insteon

Allows You to Control Your Desktop Through your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad
  • Remotely control your desktop over the Internet using your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad
  • Designed to instantly access HouseLinc software for remote control of your Insteon devices
  • Runs Safari web browser
  • Data is encrypted in transmission for private security


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  • Files2Phones provides comprehensive remote control of your desktop computer from iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Using a Safari web browser on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, you can remotely access your computer and its applications from virtually anywhere in the world via the Internet. The Files2Phones Software for Insteon is specifically designed to pull up your HouseLinc software automatically, giving you instant control of your Insteon devices.

    iPhone Software Files2Phones has thousands of uses. Here are just a few examples:

    A Homeowner in Florida who uses Files2Phones to manage his Smarthome HouseLinc system remotely, updating control sequences and scenes, adapt to changing circumstances instantly. When he wants to check or change a setting, Files2Phones delivers the power at his fingertips.

    A Dentist in Ohio who uses Files2Phones to log in remotely to his Dental office program where he can check out of hours if a patient is indeed a patient and verify any request for medications before responding. He can even look at patients' x-rays on his iPhone since it has 100% matching resolution to his office PC.

    A Lawyer in South Dakota who uses his iPod touch to review his docketing calendar on his desktop system for conflicts, while still in the Court building, before agreeing to dates.

    A Freightcar Coordinator in Kansas who accesses his company's Central Switching System from his iPhone, enabling him to be anywhere in the field but still in control through the Edge network.

    A Salesman who connects to his Linux based Inventory Management system through Terminal Emulation on his Windows desktop and can check the immediate availability of specific items in his line of baby furniture from his iPhone from any customer site.

    A Concerned Father who can remotely access his children's computer to monitor their online activities

    A Restaurant Owner in Nevada who uses his iPhone to access his restaurant management systems while traveling.

    A Doctor who uses his iPhone to log into his desktop drug interaction database, even from the Exam Room across the hall.

    A professional Futures Trader in Colorado who can check a real time market chart on any of his many monitors and even place a trade while at lunch in a restaurant.

    A Pawn Shop Owner who views the security web cams in his store remotely, determines appropriate staffing levels and then calls in to make any changes, all from his iPhone

    A Bar Owner who remotely views the security camera on the cash register and checks bar income on the computer system from his iPhone

    A Businesswoman and Single Parent who can view her NannyCam from her iPhone in single shot or continuous streaming mode, anywhere, anytime.

  • Files2Phones Access Server is available for Windows XP, 2000, Vista 32-bit and 64 plus Windows 7, or Intel Mac with Parallels Desktop 3.0, VMWare Fusion or Bootcamp. Remote access requires an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad - minimum firmware level 1.1.4. Firmware 2.0 strongly recommended.
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