12-Channel, 6-Zone Power Amplifier

12-Channel, 6-Zone Power Amplifier

Power a Large-Sized Whole-Home Audio System by delivering up to 35 Watts of Power to Each of 12 Speakers
  • 12 internal individual amplifiers can power up to 6 audio zones, 12 speakers
  • Internal amplifiers can be driven individually or bridged to suit almost any application
  • Use a single source for all zones or a different audio source on each zone
  • LED status indicators on the front panel of the amplifier



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  • The most essential component of any whole-home audio system is the amplifier. This 12 channel amplifier will provide enough power for large applications with control of up to six different zones (pairs of speakers). Each channel (speaker) is powered by a 35 Watt amplified output, enough to deliver for a full spectrum sound experience. However, this versatile device also allows for the internal amplifiers to be bridged, creating greater audio output for specific channels. The amplifier is flexible enough to let each zone be fed audio individually via a "Local Inputs" from differing zones or sources; this means you can have audio from your TV on in the home theater, music from your iPod or MP3 player on throughout the house, and sound from your CD player on in the backyard. Volume control can be set manually on the amplifier for the entire system or for each zone individually. Another option is to install a volume control between the amplifier and your speakers. It also features LED status indicators that will let you know which zone or zones are active at all times; you can conserve energy by turning off zones that don't need to be active. The 12-Channel, 6-Zone Power Amplifier is perfect as a shelf top or rack-mount component, and provides a great foundation for audio distribution and control throughout any home or office.

    Please Note: Speakers and volume controls sold separately.

    Variations of this amplifier sold separately are:

    12-11-10-9-8-7-6 Output Flexibility
    Each of the 12 amplifiers can be driven singly or bridged to allow several channel and power output capabilities. This gives the 12-Channel, 6-Zone Power Amplifier with IR Control great flexibility for use in many applications, such as driving surround sound speaker systems in addition to multi-room speaker systems. It can be configured into seven power packages as follows:
    • Twelve 35-watt amplifiers - 12 total
    • One 150 and ten 35-watt amplifiers - 11 total
    • Two 150 and eight 35-watt amplifiers - 10 total
    • Three 150 and six 35-watt amplifiers - 9 total
    • Four 150 and four 35-watt amplifiers - 8 total
    • Five 150 and two 35-watt amplifiers - 7 total
    • Six 150-Watt amplifiers - 6 total

      Status LED Indicators
      These indicators, one for each channel pair, provide the following status information:
    • They show Power ON/OFF and Standby ON/OFF conditions.
    • They flash Amber 5 times during power up, then turn steady Green when Power On Mute releases.
    • On power down, they flash Amber once, then go off.
    • This action occurs whether the unit is powered ON and OFF by the POWER switch or by a DC voltage applied to the REMOTE MASTER ON/OFF CONTROL terminals
    • They will go Off when the Standby OFF IR command is received. Sending a MUTE OFF command will restore operation. Also, LEDs blink with Volume action.
    • A Mute command will cause them to blink Green (Red if Volume is within 5 dB of Max-V). Mute is released when any other PA1235 command is sent.
    • Changing an IR Code Group will cause them to blink Amber, confirming the change has taken effect.
    • When the volume level is increased to a range within 5 dB of MAX-V, the LED color changes from Green to Red. NOTE Red indicates that volume is approaching maximum , not an indication of power output level.

      Individual ON/OFF of Amp Pairs
      Permits Standby ON/OFF control of individual channel pairs. Specifically, it permits the STATUS outputs (12 Volts On/Off) of Xantech ZPR68 zones to switch the Standby of the PA1235 channel pairs (CI) On and Off with zone ON and OFF commands.

      Volume Setting Capabilities
      Once installed, you have the option of using the volume control of the amplifier as the sole volume control for a zone or the whole system. The volume control can also be used to adjust the amplifier volume to a desired fixed level and use the volume action of a connected preamp instead. Additionally, a maximum volume setting can be established, which allows the amplifier to be set to deliver a controlled maximum sound level into a zone when the volume is ramped to maximum. This acts as a volume limiter for the system (e.g. to prevent the kids from over-driving wall speakers, etc.).

      Low Impedance Capability
      Each amplifier is 4-Ohm safe under music conditions in stereo mode and 8-Ohm safe when bridged. This means, for instance, that you can drive two pairs of 8-Ohm speakers in stereo mode in each zone.

      STEREO, MONO and BRIDGED Modes
      In STEREO mode, the two amplifiers operate independently of each other for 35 Watts of output each, except IR control of Volume, Max-V, Mute, Standby OFF/ON and Balance functions is common to both. In MONO mode, left and right input signals are summed internally for Mono output from each of the two amplifiers. Also, either the Left or Right input may be used if the source is already a Mono signal. In BRIDGED mode, the two amplifiers are bridged for a single channel of high power output (150 Watts @ 8 Ohms). Either the Left or Right input may be used to drive the resultant single channel amplifier.

      Speaker Terminals
      These plug-in 4-terminal screw type connectors permit speaker wire sizes up to 12 gauge.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: Xantech
    Manufacturer Product No.: PA1235X
    UPC: 042777311644
    Number of Channels: 12
    Power Output:
    • 35 Watts at 8 Ohms (rated continuous power, each channel, all 12 channels simultaneously driven, 20 Hz to 20kHz, at rated THD)
    • 55 Watts at 8 Ohms or 80 Watts at 4 Ohms
    Bridged Power Output: 150 Watts at 8 Ohms or 80 Watts continuous (Short term continuous, one pair driven at 1 kHz, at rated THD)
    Rated THD <0.08%
    Dampening Factor: >100 at 50 Hz,1/2 rated power
    S/N Ratio: >100 dB
    Frequency Response: 12 Hz to 55 kHz at 1 Watt +/- 3 dB
    Input Sensitivity: 0.5 V maximum, 1.0 V default, Off minimum; at rated power, stereo mode
    Input Impedance:
    • LOCAL Inputs: 22 kOhms
    • COMMON AUDIO BUS Inputs: 70 kOhms
    Power Source: 120 VAC, 60 Hz (240 V Version: 240 VAC, 50 Hz)
    Power Consumption:
    • No Signal: 30 Watts (0.25/0.13 A)
    • 12 channel at 1/10 rated power: 360 Watts (3.0/1.5 A)
    • 12 channel at rated power: 1440 Watts (9.1/4.6 A)
    • 6 channel Bridged at 8.5 watts/channel: 720 Watts (6.0/3.0 A)
    Remote ON/OFF and CI Voltage/Current: +5 V to +30 VDC (16 mA at +12 VDC)
    Line Fuse Rating: 10 A Slow Blow
    Dimensions: 19" W x 5-1/4" H x 15.5" D (483mm W x 133mm H x 394mm)
    Weight: 36.85 lbs (16.3kg)

  • 1 Review

    Review of 81277 Review by DOUG
    Review of 81277

    These amps dont have internal bus.
    so you have to y patch across the channels to have six rooms all on the same channel. once that is done with $150 worth of y patches, the amp work great.
    we would purchase them again due to the cost savings over other manufacturers.

    Posted on 1/19/2011

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