X10 XPCR X10 Signal Coupler Repeater
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X10 XPCR X10 Signal Coupler Repeater

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Boost X10 Signal Strength From 100mV to over 5 Volts

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  • The X10 Signal Coupler Repeater is recommended for homes measuring over 3,000 sq. ft. and for homes in which a number of devices are installed. When devices such as televisions, computer gear, or anything with a complex power supply are plugged in, there is a good chance that those devices will load down or absorb the X10 signals. If you have a home smaller in square footage but you employ a greater number of electronic devices, then stepping up to the X10 Signal Amplifier / Repeater is a good idea.

    Can I install it myself?
    If you have ever replaced a broken circuit breaker, then you have the experience needed to install the X10 Signal Amplifier / Repeater. You will need two dedicated 15-amp circuit breakers (available at a home improvement center). The National Electric Code requires that the amplifier / repeater have its own circuit breakers. If you have more than one electrical panel, the amplifier/repeater would be installed at the panel closest to the point where electricity enters the building. If you choose to have an electrician install it, it should be no more than an hour's job for him to mount and wire the X10 Signal Amplifier / Repeater.

    How does it work?
    The X10 Signal Coupler Repeater provides the same functions as the signal bridge but it regenerates the X10 signal and blasts it out both legs of electricity at the same time. Provided there is at least 100mV of incoming signal, this unit will boost the outgoing signal to over 5 volts depending on the impedance of the home. A status LED will blink when X10 signals are detected and repeated to let you know it's operational.

    Ready for 3-phase service
    The X10 Signal Coupler Repeater can work on three-phase (120/208 VAC) electrical service, commonly found in commercial apartments, and condominiums. In split-phase installations, commonly found in single family homes, one of the wires will be capped off and unused.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer:X10 Pro
    Manufacturer Product No.:XPCR
    Compatibility:X10 compatible
    Works with 2-or 3-phase systems
    For homes over 3,000 sq. ft.
    Dimensions:75 x 120 x 40mm (3" x 4.7" x 1.6")

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