WiFi Thermostat - Control Your Thermostat from a Smartphone or Computer


WiFi Thermostat Control

Controlling Your Thermostat from a Smartphone or Computer

Do you want to control the temperature from your computer, iphone or android smartphone? It's easier than you think andwifi-thermostat can be set up in less than an hour.

Although Smarthome offers a variety of options for this type of control, the most popular among our customers is by far the combination of INSTEON Thermostat and INSTEON Hub.

The are two reason our customers choose this route:

  1. Setup is easy: Swap out your thermostat, connect the INSTEON Hub to your WiFi router, download the INSTEON for Hub App and within minutes you can login and control the thermostat from your iOS or Android device. If you want you can also setup your router so that you can control the thermostat from anywhere in the world!
  2. Expandability: Easily expand the system to control wall switches, lamps, garage door and much more. Now you can control your entire home from anywhere!

Remote Control Thermostat Features
  • View current temperature, mode, set point, fan state and humidity
  • Adjust Temperature UP or DOWN
  • Change Modes (Heat, Cool, Auto)
  • Control Fan
  • Adjust Heat and Cool Set Points

Parts List:

INSTEON Thermostat
INSTEON Thermostat

Easily Expand The System to Control Lighting and Other Appliances:

Remote Control LED Bulb
Remote Control LED Bulb
Lamp/Appliance Modules
Plug-In Modules
Wall Switches
Wall Switches

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