Water Warning Leak Detection Alarm
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Water Warning Leak Detection Alarm

Battery-Powered Sensor Detects Water Leaks and Sounds Immediate Alarm

Item #: 7163

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  • Since it can be placed upright or flat, the Water Warning Leak Detection Alarm can fit easily and discreetly at the base of water heaters, sinks, or toilets, as well as near plumbing connections or hoses, any water-using appliance or device that has the potential to leak and cause damage. Its stainless-steel sensors won't rust or stain your floors.

    When the Water Warning Leak Detection Alarm senses water, it sounds its loud, 110-decibel alarm intermittently for up to 3 days, so even if you're not at home when it first senses water, you'll know as soon as you arrive. The Water Warning Leak Detection Alarm is powered by the included 9-volt battery.

    Protect every water-producing area in your home: The Water Warning Leak Detection Alarm is also available in a 5-pack.

  • Specifications

    Water Warning Product No.:00001
    Dimensions:3 1/8" x 2 5/8" x 7/8"
    Power:9-volt battery
    Maximum Alarm Time:3 days
    Sensors:Stainless steel
    Warranty:3 years, limited

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    Review of 7163 Review by Patricia
    Review of 7163

    These detectors have saved our hardwood floors on three occasions. In a 30 year old house, sometimes leaks start gradually, and the screeching alarm has warned us twice in time to keep water from migrating from under the sink to our floor. On another occasion the sink in the laundry room overflowed, and we had enough time to barricade the water from getting the walls and the hardwood floors beyond. LOVE this product!

    Posted on 10/20/2011

    Review of 7163 Review by DONALD
    Review of 7163

    Although one of the units was defective, it was promptly exchanged for a good one. Otherwise no problems.

    Posted on 6/17/2011

    Review of 7163 Review by ROBERT
    Review of 7163

    We ordered the water warning alarms,because we have had leaky pipes twice with alot of damage. The alarms are great for early detection of any leaks in the house. The price is reasonable and all were tested good. Thanks for a nice product. Hopefully, they will not need to be tested.

    Posted on 4/25/2011

    Review of 7163 Review by BILL
    Review of 7163

    Great device for the price. Didn't realize that each came with their own battery! Bought 15 of them and tested them and all 15 worked as advertised. They paid for themselves in the first week. The pump for the house humidifier died and water started overflowing on the basement floor - just feet from the finished section. One of the detectors went off and no damaged was done.

    They now sit near all the potential troubling areas - dish washer, clothes washer, refrigerator (water dispenser), hot water tank, sump pump, toilets, under all sinks.

    Posted on 3/3/2011

    Review of 7163 Review by BRUCE
    Review of 7163

    Checked out and installed one unit. Easy to follow instructions and installation.

    Posted on 2/20/2011

    Review of 7163 Review by Skeptical
    Review of 7163

    Where is the other 1 star review, where is the 3 star review. I will not be able to buy your product if you aren't willing to show all of the reviews!

    Posted on 1/26/2011

    Review of 7163 Review by PETER
    Review of 7163

    I ordered a total of 8 of these alarms. I had one that was defective out of the packaging but got a replacement from Smarthome quickly. One of the units has already worked for me. There was a small amount of liquid under a bathroom faucet in a cabinet. I still don't know what was leaking but I suspect a package of baby wipes that was on it's side was the culprit. It was a small amount of liquid but the alarm did sound.

    Posted on 1/9/2011

    Review of 7163 Review by ROB
    Review of 7163

    Bought two - one works - the other doesn't. 50% functionality doesn't provide any comfort when the product is intended to provide peace of mind.

    Posted on 11/1/2010

    Review of 7163 Review by LORETTA
    Review of 7163

    the items arrived in a timely manner and are working fine.
    Have shared with other people so you'll probably get some more orders.

    Posted on 10/11/2010

    Review of 7163 Review by LARRY
    Review of 7163

    Excellent product. Exactly what I wanted and the Smarthome purchasing system was totally seamless - perfect.

    Posted on 9/10/2010

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  • Water sensor
  • 9-volt battery
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