Wagan Tech 2546 Solar e Power Cube 1500
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Wagan Tech 2546 Solar e Power Cube 1500

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Heavy Duty Portable Power Station is a Must-Have for Traveling or in Case of Emergency

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  • Control Panel: refer to page 8 in the owner's manual for diagram
    Contains a digital LED voltmeter for reading the battery status, a push-button to turn the voltmeter on, on/off switch for the inverter, 2 universal AC outlets, 2-12V DC outlets and 2 USB ports. The inverter operating condition is indicated by 2 separate LEDs. When green, the inverter is operating normally and when red the inverter has shut down either due to over voltage, under voltage, over temperature or overload. Additional solar panels can be added to internal solar charge controller via 2 connecting terminals. The disconnect switch for the battery can be found to the side of the control panel along with a storage hatch containing the AC and DC charging adapters.

    Digital LED Voltmeter
    Provides user with current charge status of the internal battery. This should be monitored periodically when charging. Solar e Power Case 450 should be charged every 3 months if device has not been used.
    =13.5V DCBattery is fully charged
    > or = 12.6V DCBattery is ready for use
    < or = 12.0V DCBattery needs some charging
    < 10.5V DCBattery is discharged and needs to charge immediately

    55 Ah Hybrid Battery
    Supplied batteries combine the charging characteristics and compatibility of AGM valve regulated, sealed lead-acid batteries with the improved performance of gel batteries in low discharge rate and high ambient temperature applications. Battery is electrically compatible with AGM batteries for expansion and also follows AGM charge characteristics. Gel component in them improves performance in low discharge applications.

    Battery Disconnect Switch
    Allows users to turn the battery off when the e Power Cube is not in use. This helps to preserve the charge of the battery. Turning this switch off is recommended whenever it is being transported or moved to prevent electrical hazard caused from excessive vibration. This switch is located to the left of the control panel.

    External Battery Terminals
    Red and black terminals labeled "Battery Terminal" are located on the Back Panel of the Solar e Power Cube. Battery Terminals can be used for DC load applications greater than 15 amps such as jump starting a 12V car battery (jumper cables sold separately). See page 10 in the owner's manual for further information.

    It is important to charge the case for a full 24 hours before initially using it and recharge it after each use. Charge the Power Case every 3 months even if it has not been used. See page 10 of the manual for potential risks of damage to the battery.

    AC Charging Adapter
    Indicator light is red when the battery is charging and green when the battery has finished charging. When light is green the battery will continue to trickle charge to maintain a full charge. Input voltage automatically adjusts to 110V or 220V depending upon AC source. See page 12 of the owner's manual for charging risks.

    DC Charging Adapter
    Both plugs of this charger are fused at 15 amps to prevent damage if there is an inadvertent short. It is important to only used the supplied charging adapter and do not continuously charge it for more than 16 hours. See page 13 in the owner's manual for additional helpful information.

    Solar Panels
    The Solar e Power Cube comes with five 16W solar panels and a connecting cable. Additional solar panels can be connected to reduce charging time up to 150W. The solar charge controller is rated at a maximum of 10A. Additional solar panel information can be found on page 14-15 of the owner's manual.

  • Charge the battery until full as often as possible.
  • Vents can be vacuumed to remove dust when all cords have been disconnected and fans turned off.
  • Wipe solar panels clean periodically with a damp cloth and, if needed, mild dish soap. Dry the panels with a soft cloth as they will perform more efficiently when clean.
  • Remove dust from panels and other debris with a soft brush.
  • Store the panels away when not in use.

  • Specifications
    ManufacturerWagan Tech
    Manufacturer Product No.2546
    DimensionsL 23.4in x W 17.2in x H 21.2in
    Weight101 lbs
    Power1500W power inverter
    Battery55 amp hour gel/AGM hybrid
    Charging OptionsAC, DC or solar
    Solar Panels5, 16W panels
    USB Ports2
    AC Outlets2
    AC Outlet Volts110/220V
    DC Outlets2
    DC Volts12V
    Battery Status IndicatorDigital LED Voltmeter
    Temperature Limits32
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  • 1x - Solar e Power Cube 1500
  • 5x - 16W solar panel
  • 1x - Solar panel connector cable
  • 1x - AC charging adapter
  • 1x - DC charging adapter
  • 1x - 1500W inverter
  • 1x - 55 Ah battery
  • 1x - Owner's Manual
  • 1x - 2 year manufacturer warranty

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