Visonic PLink2/9-101130 PowerLink2 Broadband IP Module
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Visonic PLink2/9-101130 PowerLink2 Broadband IP Module

Connect to Your Alarm System via the Internet

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    Manufacturer Product No.PLink2 9-101130

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    PowerLink2 - Decent Once It's Set Up (And While It's Working) Review by Jason
    PowerLink2 - Decent Once It's Set Up (And While It's Working)

    To quote another review: "their products have always been a bit delicate and prone to quirky behavior".

    That exactly describes the PowerLink2 module. Setup is a bit quirky and I'd occasionally have to reboot the system (open it up, disconnect all power) for it to start transmitting again.

    When it works, functionality is passable: It will communicate with a monitoring center and will usually respond to web interface requests (timeouts are not uncommon).

    My PowerLink module has died and I have to buy another simply because I've got so much money invested in Visonic already.

    Posted on 1/9/2015

    Visonic.... Awful, beyond AWFUL!!! Review by 3_monkey
    Visonic.... Awful, beyond AWFUL!!!

    I bought the powermax pro and powerlink2 module because I wanted email alerts as well as telephone alerts.
    Installed successfully, no complaints with sensors etc I get alerts over the phone no problem, but the powerlink2 module is absolutely awful!! The ONLY alert I get is when I login to the system via the web, not very useful whatsoever, EVERY single other alert goes in to the abyss, I and other people configured on the system never receive anything other than web portal logins.
    Visonic wouldnt speak to me directly and the vendor whom sold me the system wont respond to my emails after I asked him to troubleshoot with a system using the powerlink2 module. I eventually got another vendor to kindly take a look and they engaged Visonic support but low and behold they said they couldnt fix it, thanks.... I now have a system which I spent a shed load on and it doesnt do what I bought it for, I will NEVER go for a visonic product again, awful support and flakey non-working products.
    I literally know the system inside out now and to be honest I just want to throw it in the bin, I am now looking for another system which does what Visonic fail to.

    Posted on 12/17/2014

    Review of 73938 Review by longterm customer
    Review of 73938

    HORRIBLE USER SUPPORT ... Visonics has decided to abandon the DIY. They Visonics will only answer questions from professional installers. I bought the PowerMax Pro and PLINK predecessor to the Powerlink2. It worked for awhile, but died. I've subsequently bought a new PowerMax and the Powerlink2. The installation instructions provided with the PowerMax are the same as what came from the previous version. Installation instructions for the PowerLink2 are only available on-line. This should be a good thing because it implies up-to-date instructions. However, the Powerlink2 does not reliably recognize the Powermax. Further, the default IP address for the Powerlink2 does not work. No help available! BEWARE buying anything with the Visonics name on it. While they used to be marginally ok, their products have always been a bit delicate and prone to quirky behavior. Nowadays, without Visonics technical support, their products are a disaster. You might consider using Insteon devices for all services that you had been expecting from Visonics.

    Posted on 11/9/2013

    Review of 73938 Review by Mitchell
    Review of 73938

    works good once you know how to configure it. phone app is really slow on iPhone but quick on Android.

    Posted on 4/9/2013

    Review of 73938 Review by WILLIAM
    Review of 73938

    Disappointed with this. It works, just doesn't do what the description lead me to believe. All this will allow for is monitoring (and activating X10 items if you have them).

    Posted on 11/30/2011

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  • 1x - PowerLink2 Broadband IP Module
  • 1x - Ethernet cable
  • 2x - Interconnect cables
  • 1x - Installation Manual

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