Visonic NEXT DUO K985 85-Lb. Pet-Immune Dual-Technology Digital Motion Detector
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Visonic NEXT DUO K985 85-Lb. Pet-Immune Dual-Technology Digital Motion Detector

Pet-Immune Motion Detector Combines Microwave With PIR for Maximum Reliability
  • Dual passive infrared and microwave digital technologies provide long-term reliability
  • Easily customize detection range according to size of secured area (20, 30, or 40 feet)
  • Pet tolerant for animals up to 85 pounds

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  • Install motion sensors that not only sense movement but also distinguish the difference between the motion of a human body and any other disturbance to help eliminate false alarms. The 85-Lb. Pet-Immune Dual-Technology Digital Detector combines a passive infrared (PIR) motion detector with a complementary active microwave sensor in a single unit for an accurate, false alarm-immune motion detector for maximum reliability. Ideal for use in residential and light commercial environments, the 85-Lb. Pet-Immune Dual-Technology Digital Detector won't be fooled by your pets and even allows easy customization for room size: When it's being installed, you can select the area to be secured from 20 to 40 feet.

    The 85-Lb. Pet-Immune Dual-Technology Digital Detector implements a variety of patented technologies, including FM Digital Signal Processing (FM-DSP), which adjusts automatically based upon the room size selected, thus optimizing both PIR and microwave performance within the protected area. The PIR motion detector employs a cylindrical lens with uniform detection sensitivity beginning at 1.8 feet (0.5m) away from the detector up to a distance of 40 feet (12m). "True Motion Recognition"™ with Fuzzy Logic algorithm (TMR™) allows the motion detector to distinguish between the true motion of an intruder and any other disturbances, which cause false alarms.

    An on-board motion event jumper determines whether 1 or 2 consecutive motion events will trigger an alarm to your security system. Additional features include a test input that permits switching the detector to the walk test mode remotely without removing the front cover. This motion detector is safe for use in homes with pets up to 85 pounds.

    If you won't be using this motion detector in an environment with pets, it is also available without the pet immunity feature.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: Visonic
    Manufacturer Product No.: NEXT DUO K985
    EAN: 7290010283996
    Dimensions: 3 11/16" x 2 1/2" x 1 15/16" (94.5mm x 63.5mm x 49mm)
    Weight: 1 3/4 oz. (50g)
    Selectable Range: 20', 30' or 40' (6m, 9m or 12m), selected upon installation
    Max. Coverage: 40' x 40' (12m x 12m) / 90°
    Curtain Beams: 9 + 5
    Input Voltage: 9 to 16 VDC
    Current Drain: About 20 mA @ 12 VDC
    Pet Immunity: 85 lbs. (35kg)
    Tripping Indication PIR: Indicator lights ORANGE for about 3 sec.; microwave: indicator lights GREEN for about 3 sec.; alarm/tamper: indicator lights RED for about 3 sec.
    Oscillator Type: Microstrip, DRO-stabilized
    Frequency: 2.45 GHz
    Alarm Output: Solid-state relay, N.C., up to 100 mA / 30 V, ~3 ohms internal resistance; circuit opens for 2-3 seconds upon alarm
    Event Counter: Selectable, 1 or 2 motion events
    Tamper Contacts: Normally closed, 50 mA resistive / 30 VDC
    Mounting: Surface or corner, 6' to 8' (1.8m to 2.4m) high
    Operating Temperature: 14°F to 122°F (-10°C to 50°C)
    Storage Temperature: -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C)
    RFI Protection: Greater than 20 V/m (20 MHz to 1000 MHz)
    Approvals: FCC, EC compliant
    Warranty: 1 year, limited

  • 8 Reviews

    Review of 73928p Review by RICK
    Review of 73928p

    Nice device and works well with the Visonic wireless alarm unit

    Posted on 1/10/2013

    Review of 73928p Review by Paul
    Review of 73928p

    This device works fine within a wifi network. I've been using it that way for years.

    Posted on 12/7/2010

    Review of 73928p Review by JIM
    Review of 73928p

    This motion sensor works good. I have a 65 lb dog and she can move around just fine without setting it off. Installation was easy as was follow wiring diagrams.

    Posted on 11/28/2009

    Review of 73928p Review by Michael
    Review of 73928p

    Beware - this device can not co-exist with a WiFi network. It basically acts like a WiFi jammer and blocks all wireless devices from connecting. If you have a WiFi network, get a normal PIR motion sensor, not one with microwave in it.

    Other than that, this sensor works well. Keep in mind the PIR part only covers up to 3 feet out. Head over to the visonic site for the tech docs for more.

    Posted on 7/21/2009

    Review of 73928p Review by Steve
    Review of 73928p

    As with most motion detection devices, placement of this unit is important as it will affect its operation.
    After trying different wall and corner locations, I do not get any more false alarms with my 65 LB Labrador.
    Here is what I found. Stay away from corners at least 4ft.
    Mount no more than 8ft high. Point the sensor into the elongated side of a room rather than the short side and point the sensor into a clear area if possible without close or tall furniture in front of the sensor detection field. Hope that helps.

    Posted on 1/31/2009

    Review of 73928p Review by DONN
    Review of 73928p

    This is rated for a 85 LB Pet, but my 40LB dog sets it off.

    Posted on 9/30/2008

    Review of 73928p Review by DONN MARK
    Review of 73928p

    This is rated for a 85 LB Pet, but my 40LB dog sets it off.

    Posted on 9/30/2008

    Review of 73928p Review by Jared
    Review of 73928p

    I love this sensor, Very easy to install and Looks great! I have now had 3 of these motion sensors installed for about 4 Months and as of yet, I have been impressed that our Cats have not tripped this sensor. As for Distinguishing the differance between and animal of 85pds and a human I truly believe it works as even I don''t have a cat of 85 pds, but the cats have not trip my sensor but my child of 30 pounds has set off the sensor. It is Amazing! I will definitly be adding more of these specific sensors as I determine where they are needed. I have nothing but good to say about these sensors!

    Posted on 4/2/2008

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