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Visonic 0-101312 PowerMax Express 211G Security System with Internal GSM Modem

Full-Featured, Customizable Security Alarm System

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  • Easy to Program and Control Securely
    Programming is easy, using the large, backlit buttons and the LCD screen. You have the option of testing or arming the system at a predefined time, and the siren can squawk when armed or disarmed if you so choose. The PowerMax Express 211G Wireless Security System supports 28 wireless zones and one hardwired zone and a 100-event log. Additional features include a silent/audible panic alarm, two-way voice/listen in enabling options, and even voice response.

    Internet Connectivity via Optional PowerLink
    Verify the status of lighting devices and reprogram security functions anywhere and any time by adding the PowerLink2 Broadband IP Module. Whether you're at work or on vacation, you can easily access the PowerMax Express 211G Wireless Security System via SMS, e-mail, mobile, and regular phones, or a secure web application.

    Built-in Siren and Phone Dialer
    When it detects an alarm signal from one of the wireless sensors, the alarm system blasts an 85dB siren that not only alerts your family, but also sends would-be thieves fleeing. In addition, you can program it to call any private phone number (i.e.: a friend or neighbor, your office, your wireless phone, etc.) and play a pre-recorded message in your own voice if connected to your standard telephone or to a cellular network via its built-in GSM Modem (SIM card and activation required). It doesn't even need its own dedicated phone line! It also supports 24-hour monitoring by commercial alarm monitoring personnel, who can dispatch police, fire or medical response (depending on the type of alert it receives). It can even call you for non-alarm events. For example, do you want to know that your kids arrived home safely from school? The security system can call you at the office to let you know that your child successfully disarmed the alarm.

    Individual User Codes
    The PowerMax Express 211G Wireless Security System supports up to 8 individual user codes, so each member of your household can have an independent code ID.

    Wireless Connections Make it Easy
    The PowerMax Express 211G Wireless Security System comes with a four-button wireless keyfob, two wireless magnetic window/door contacts, and an 85-Pound Pet Immune Wireless Motion Detector. Additional contacts, detectors and keyfobs may be purchased separately. Transmit signals to your PowerMax Express 211G Wireless Security System using a Keyfob Transmitter. Upon pressing any of the four recessed buttons, this keyfob transmits a CodeSecure™ digital sequence along with a 4-bit function code associated with the button that was pressed. Different digital sequences are transmitted each time, so that malicious code grabbing is almost impossible. The included Wireless PIR Detector is a compact, animal-immune detector, so pets up to 85 pounds won't set off the alarm. With a coverage area of 30 by 30 feet, this fully supervised detector will keep an eye on your home when you're not around. A 40-pound pet-immune motion detector is also available and sold separately. Upon detection of an intruder, the on-board transmitter instantly sends an alert to the PowerMax Express 211G Wireless Security System.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Product No.0-101312
    General Data
    Number of Zones28 Wireless, 1 Hardwired
    Hardwired Zone Requirement2.2kΩ EOL resistance (max resistance of wires 220Ω)
    Zone TypesInterior Follower, Interior, Perimeter, Perimeter Follower, Delay 1, Delay 2, 24 hour Silent, 24 hour Audible, Fire, Non-Alarm, Emergency, Gas, Flood, Temperature, Home/Delay
    User Codes8 Codes, 4 Digits Each, 9999 Code Combinations (Code 0000 Not Allowed)
    Control FacilitiesIntegral Keypad
    PowerCode / Code-Secure Hand-Held Transmitters
    One-Way / Two-Way Keypads
    SMS Commands via Optional GSM/GPRS Module
    DisplaySingle Line, Backlit 16-Character LCD
    Arming ModesAway, Home, Away-Instant, Home-Instant, Latchkey, Forced, Bypass
    Alarm Inhibited During a Single Arming Period (Swinger Stop) After1, 2, 3, Alarm, Tamper, Fault, or Not Inhibited (Programmable/Selectable)
    Alarm TypesSilent Alarm, Siren Alarm (future option), or Sounder (Internal) Alarm, According to Local Codes
    Siren SignalsContinuous (Intrusion, 24 Hr, Panic); Triple-Pulse, Pause, Triple-Pulse (Fire)
    Internal Sounder OutputAt Least 85dBA at 10' (3m)
    SupervisionProgrammable Time Frame for Inactivity Alert
    Special FunctionsChime Zones
    Diagnostic Test and Event Log
    Local/Remote Programming over Telephone, GSM/GPRS Connections
    Call for Help by Using an Emergency Transmitter
    Track Inactivity of Elderly, Handicapped, and Infirm People
    Data RetrievalAlarm Memory, Trouble, Event Log
    Real Time Clock (RTC)Control Panel Keeps and Displays the Time & Date. Also Used for the Log File to Provide Date & Time of Each Event
    Compliance with US StandardsFCC CFR 47 parts 15 and 68
    UL 1023, 985, 1635, 1637
    SIA CP-01
    GSM StandardsFCC 47 Part 22 (GSM850), Part 24 (GSM1900)
    RF Section
    Operating Frequency315MHz
    Receiver TypeSuper-Heterodyne, Fixed Frequency
    Receiver RangeUp to 600' (180m)
    Antenna TypeSpatial Diversity
    CodingPower Code and/or Code-Secure
    Electrical Data
    Power Requirement9VAC 1000mA from 120VAC 60Hz AC Adapter
    Power ConsumptionStandby: Approx 70mA
    Peak: 1600 mA at Full Load
    Minimum Battery Voltage4.8V
    Backup Battery4.8V 2200mAh
    Battery TestEvery 10 sec
    Built-In Modem300 baud, Bell 103 Protocol
    Data Transfer to Local Computervia RS232 Serial Port
    Report Destinations2 Central Stations, 4 Private Telephones
    Reporting Format OptionsSIA, Pulse 4/2 1900/1400 Hz, Pulse 4/2 1800/2300 Hz, Contact ID, Scancom
    Pulse Rate10, 20, 33, 40 pps Programmable
    Message to Private PhonesTone
    Ring DetectionDoes Not Support Ring Detection without DC Voltage Present on the Telephone Lines
    Physical Properties
    Operating Temperature14°' to 120° F( -10 to 49° C)
    Operating Humidity0 to 85% Relative Humidity @ 86° F (30° C)
    Weight23oz (658g) with Battery
    Dimensions7.62" x 7" x 2" (193 x 178 x 50mm)
    Mfgr Warranty1 year, limited
  • 3 Reviews

    Review of 73916 Review by KAMALAKANNAN
    Review of 73916

    works as said, easy to install and configure. No false alarms so far.
    Had some trouble in enabling / disabling alert via cellular phone , but figured it out and its also working.

    Posted on 1/10/2013

    Review of 73916 Review by GERHARD
    Review of 73916

    Overall a great alarm system but not easy to configure without the software using the programming kit. For the PowerMax Express you will need the Visonic 9-102071 Programming kit.

    Posted on 9/16/2012

    Review of 73916 Review by FELIX LIOK
    Review of 73916

    Pros: Stylish, compact casing. Full featured. Available with built-in GSM. Cons: No voice prompts or voice chime. Audio chime is extremely annoying and no volume control. Verdict: Unless you really need a small footprint, would recommend either the older Powermax Plus or Powermax Pro over this Powermax Express.

    Posted on 9/16/2012

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  • 1x - PowerMax Express Panel with Internal GSM Modem
  • 1x - Panel Backplate
  • 1x - Mounting Hardware
  • 2x - MCT-320 Wireless Door/Window Contacts with battery
  • 1x - K985MCW Pet-Immune Passive Infrared (PIR) Motion Sensor with battery
  • 1x - MCT-234 4-Button Keyfob Remote with battery
  • 1x - AC Adapter
  • 1x - Backup Battery
  • 1x - User Manual
  • 1x - Installation Manual

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