VertaLok VGS722 Gutter Cleaning System
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VertaLok VGS722 Gutter Cleaning System

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Clean Your Gutters & Downspouts Without Stepping Foot On A Ladder
  • Rotary Power for Faster Cleaning
  • Non-Rotary Tools for Tough Debris
  • "Remove & Rinse" Process
  • Extendable Reach
  • Lightweight and Easy to Use

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  • The VertaLok VGS722 Gutter Cleaning System is the most advanced tool ever developed for safely and effectively cleaning rain gutters from the ground level without stepping foot on a ladder. It utilizes a combination of "Rotary" & "Non-Rotary" cleaning tools specially designed to remove all types of debris commonly found in gutters. It's easy to use, lightweight and works with any cordless drill. The system is designed around the "Remove & Rinse" process for optimum results. The attachments fit any size or shape gutter and work freely under and around gutter supports. The VertaLok Gutter Cleaning System has a reach of approximately 12 feet, depending on the height of the user, and is suitable for most single story homes.

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    The "Rotary Paddle Brush" is great for removing dry/loose leaves. While spinning with your cordless drill, this attachment quickly & effectively removes the debris and actually makes cleaning your gutters fun! Perfect for routine maintenance.

    The "Gutter Brush" with built-in water jet nozzle is a non-rotary attachment used to drag and lift the debris up and out of the gutter. Once the heavy debris is removed, the built-in water jet nozzle is used to rinse the gutter clean, inside and out.

    The "Gutter Scoop" with built-in water jet nozzle can tackle the toughest debris such as wet compost debris or hard, crusty build-up. The built-in "water Jet Nozzle" is used to help loosen the debris and then rinse the gutter after debris removal.

    The "Downspout Cleaner" with built-in water jet nozzle is an 18" long attachment made of flexible nylon for navigating the offsets in downspouts. The nylon bristles help clear debris from the downspout where they can be blasted away with the built-in water jet nozzle.

    The "Flow Thru Threaded Adapter" makes the system even more versatile. The adapter has a universal thread that allows a wide range of cleaning and painting tools to be connected to the VertaLok extension poles. Such attachments as; cleaning brushes, window cleaning tools, paint rollers, etc.

    The "Digital Camera Mount" attachment is used to perform visual inspections of the gutter before and after cleaning. It can be used for other high reach inspection applications as well, such as roofs and chimneys. Images can be captures on the camera by using the time delay function or record video by using the video function. The camera mount can be attached anywhere along the curved section and rotated in any position.

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    • 2 Rotary Drive Extension Poles
    • Rotary Paddle Brush
    • Gutter Scoop with Water Jet Nozzle
    • Gutter Brush with Water Jet Nozzle
    • Downspout Clean with Water Jet Nozzle
    • Digital Camera Mount
    • Curve Tube with Flex Drive
    • Water Control Handle
    • Right Angle Gear Drive
    • Flow Thru Threaded Adapter
    • Button Release Tool
    • Drill Adapter
    • Grip Handle
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