Universal Remote Control URC-WR7 Remote Control
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Universal Remote Control URC-WR7 Remote Control

Controls up to 7 Different A/V Components
  • Quick and easy setup -- customization to satisfy every users needs
  • Device buttons light up to indicate operating activity
  • Pre-Programmed Codes -- a database of thousands of pre-programmed codes to control your component, even iPod Docks
  • Learning Capable -- able to

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  • The WR7 Remote Control can control up to seven devices, including TVs, cable or satellite boxes, and DVD players. It is powered by two AA alkaline batteries, which are included with the remote. This remote is both preprogrammed and learning. This means you can use a built-in code or have it "learn" buttons from old remotes quickly and easily. This remote control will never become obsolete and can be used with both old and new components.

    • Size: 2 1/8" x 8 3/4" x 1 1/8" (W x H x D)
    • Weight: 6.9 oz (with batteries)
    • Learning Capabilities: 80 Buttons for any device at standard frequencies (15kHz to 100kHz)
    • Macro Capabilities: 13 macro buttons (up to 20 steps each)
    • Memory: Non-Volatile Flash Memory: 64 KByte
    • Range: Range: IR (infrared): 30 - 50 feet. Approximate range will vary depending upon environmental conditions
    • Power Supply: AAx 2 (included)
    • Warranty: One Year USA Limited Warranty
  • 9 Reviews

    Review of 80615 Review by RUSSELL
    Review of 80615

    This remote is more powerful than I thought it would be for the price it is great deal. I only wish I had a little more control over the Tivo but like I said for the price, amazing.

    Posted on 6/4/2014

    Review of 80615 Review by Gleneroy
    Review of 80615

    Excellent for the most part but will not program my Samsung AV-R610 surround sound receiver. I still find this a very good remote and will keep looking for a solution to the one code I need.

    Posted on 2/11/2014

    Review of 80615 Review by RICHARD
    Review of 80615

    Difficult to set up for use with our Dish box, Toshiba DVD Player, and Philips TV. The price was very good, but the difficult set-up isn't worth it.

    Posted on 1/12/2014

    Review of 80615 Review by MICHAEL
    Review of 80615

    Easy to setup. Nice feature is that you can re/program keys easily by learning from existing remote for keys not auto programed. Was able to do away with 4 remotes!

    Posted on 1/10/2013

    Review of 80615 Review by WERNER
    Review of 80615

    Excellent remote, it does what it promises: pre-set device codes (unfortunately it did not map all the required buttons on my Samsung P2370HD TV) and a learning function (limited to 80 commands in total (not quite enough to fill all the pages unfortunately - you need to make some compromises). For a $20 remote, you get more than what you paid for. Can't complain.

    Posted on 9/8/2012

    Review of 80615 Review by Werner
    Review of 80615

    Just received mine yesterday. All the way from the US to South America!

    First thing noticed is that this is not the ordinary universal remote you can get at your local drugstore. This is huge, and the exterior is well-finished. Think of those fancy remotes that come bundled with high-end A/V receivers and you get the picture.

    Function-wise, it's the best and smartest remote I've ever seen! Learns just about anything - With its learning mode you can be sure it'll emulate any ol' remote you'd put in front of it. Guaranteed!

    And the clever thing is, even if you've got some device memorized from the inbuilt memory bank, you can still tweak it by means of the Learning mode - so for instance, if your XYZ TV has been learned through the brand codes, but you miss that special button that's mapped elsewhere or not mapped at all for some reason, you can pick just that button from your old remote using Learning mode! It will retain previous button assignments AND update the button just learned.

    Pros: All that functionality for just 20 bucks? Fantastic!
    Cons: YOU still haven't got yours - get it, get it, get it now!

    Posted on 8/22/2012

    Review of 80615 Review by RICHARD
    Review of 80615


    Posted on 6/29/2012

    Review of 80615 Review by JOHN
    Review of 80615

    Absolutely the best universal remote out there. The learning mode is fantastic. I even programmed it to work with my XBox! :-)

    Posted on 2/2/2012

    Review of 80615 Review by JASON
    Review of 80615

    Easy to program.
    Adaptive technology that can learn functions from other remotes.
    Comfortable handling, as it fits well in the hand and the buttons are easy to reach.
    I'm still an early user of it, so I haven't fully unlocked the features and I am looking forward to using it more.

    Posted on 2/1/2012

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