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Universal Remote Control URC-R40 Programmable Universal Remote Control with OLED Display
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Universal Remote Control URC-R40 Programmable Universal Remote Control with OLED Display

Take Control of Your Home Entertainment Experience
  • On-screen setup wizard for quick and easy programming
  • Operates virtually all brands of Audio, TV, DVD, VCR, Cable and Satellite devices
  • Contains thousands of pre-programmed codes with a guarantee that it will control your device
  • Easily program Macro functions to make several devices work together by pressing one button
  • Learning capable - able to "learn" functions from all remotes so it will never become obsolete


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  • Dubbed "My Favorite Remote" by its manufacturer, the URC-R40 Universal Remote Control combines the latest technology with power, ease-of-use and an attractive design that looks great in any living room. "My Favorite Remote" is a true crossover product that spans the gap between expensive, professionally programmed remotes and simple DIY replacement remotes. It features a bright, colorful OLED display and can control up to 18 A/V components. It features an on-screen wizard for quick and easy set-up. Users can organize their favorite channels into groups of Movies, News, Sports and Music. Each group has its own labeled button. Also, each group has two pages of graphic icons, arranged six to a page, for a total of 48 Favorites. For example, after you have programmed the remote to operate exactly how you want, to watch HBO, simply press the HBO icon.

    The OLED display consumes less power than conventional LCD displays (because they do not require backlighting), are somewhat easier to read (because they are brighter) and have a greater viewing angle (about 170°). This Universal Remote is preprogrammed and learning capable, that mean that it sets up quickly and can "learn" commands for older remotes (and even from newer remotes that aren't even on the market yet). It can run Macros - a series of commands all triggered by a single button press. Imagine being able to turn on the flat panel, start the Blu-ray, activate the Surround Sound, switch everything to the right inputs and Play a movie all by pressing just one button. All buttons light up for use in dimly lit rooms. And it has a Sofa Mode (if a button is pressed too long, like when it's beneath a sofa cushion) this Remote powers down to prevent accidental battery drain. It also has a low battery warning feature.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Universal Remote Control
    Manufacturer Product No URC-R40
    UPC 656787100404
    Learning Capability Up to 1,500 Buttons
    Macro Capability 1,500 Macro buttons (up to 255 steps each)
    IR Range (Line-of-Sight) 30 - 50 feet
    Power Supply 4 AA Batteries (included)
    Dimensions 2.1" W x 8.6" H x 1.1" D
    Weight 0.55 lbs (with batteries)
    Warranty One year including parts and labor
  • 6 Reviews

    it rocks Review by doit
    it rocks

    the best remote in all the world

    Posted on 12/19/2014

    Review of 80510 Review by JIM
    Review of 80510

    This is a great remote for the price. If you have ever used a programmable remote that uses an internal step by step setup this will be a breeze to program. It may be a slight learning process for those that have never used a universal remote. The instruction booklet is minimal but the step by step instructions on the remote screen are easy to follow. I had the basic functions on 8 devices going in 10min by using the preprogrammed codes. It does take a little time to select and learn the functions within a device if you want to it totally customized. It has a ton of preprogrammed brands including a lot of high end stuff you wouldn't expect it to have. It can also learn from other remotes and you can label devices and buttons whatever you want. It will work for someone running a sony receiver with a 20" TV to someone running Krell separates and a 200" projector.
    The remote itself has a nice solid feel in the hand with a slightly rubberized texture on the bottom so it doesn't slide out of your hand. The buttons are large soft rubber and shaped so they can be found by feel once you learn the layout. The screen is fairly small but clear and easy to read. It is an OLED display so it can be viewed from any angle and it uses less battery power than a standard LCD screen. I prefer tactile buttons to touch screen remotes so the screen is big enough to be useful and small enough to leave room for more buttons. All of the buttons are backlit in a bright red and the screen is bright. The backlight can be programmed to come on when you touch any button or only when you hit the "Light" button on the side. The time they stay on can be programmed as well. I have both the screen and the lights come on when you push any button and stay on for 15sec. The battery is still at 80% after a month.
    If you are like me and want a remote that works with all of your gear and is comfortable to use without a bunch of overpriced gimmicks. This is a good choice.

    Posted on 2/15/2014

    Review of 80510 Review by DAVID
    Review of 80510

    After spending hours trying to program this (instructions are just one sheet of paper) item I have given up. Not to totally lose all my money, I now use it as a paper weight.

    Posted on 5/10/2013

    Review of 80510 Review by David
    Review of 80510

    The guide for the URC-440 is merely a piece of 8

    Posted on 5/1/2013

    Review of 80510 Review by David Webber
    Review of 80510

    The guide for the URC-440 is merely a piece of 8

    Posted on 5/1/2013

    Review of 80510 Review by David Webber
    Review of 80510

    The guide for the URC-440 is merely a piece of 8

    Posted on 5/1/2013

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    • 4x - AA Batteries
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